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Two teachers strategies

Anna, "Shall we move

Anna, "Shall we move on?" The observation took place the next day. Riccardo came to the classroom just before the lesson was to start and was shown to an empty seat at the back of the room. Anna and Belle took turns reading aloud from a textbook, and expected the students to follow along in their own copies of the book. During this observation phase, Riccardo noticed something that was happening with this class. The students were at times unruly, challenging, and occasionally rude; and at other times collaborative, playful, and supportive of each other. The observation tool revealed that the different behaviours were connected to which teacher was at the front of the room. It was tempting to come to the conclusion that one teacher was good and the other was bad, but he knew that would be counter-productive. For Anna, the following occurred: every time a student interrupted, Anna started over reading from the beginning of the sentence once more, sounding a little bit peeved. The students played the game of "winding up the teacher," and Anna would be successfully wound up. For Belle, the following occurred: whenever a student interrupted, she smiled and continued reading in a calm voice, not allowing the interruption to disturb the flow of her story. Students responded by playing the game of "helping each other keep up with the reading." During their coaching session, Riccardo planned to invite each teacher to share their personal strategy around their portion of the lesson. "Don’t tell them what you saw; ask them what they saw," cautioned the voice. "I will," replied Riccardo; "thanks for the reminder." "What did you notice was going on during the lesson?" Belle, "I thought you were going to tell us!" "I could, and I may do after you have reflected back on your lesson." 82

Anna, "You want us to reflect on how we work?" "Yes. What did you notice was going on during the lesson?" Anna, "It was about the same as usual, some students were interrupting the others, and getting into conversations that had nothing to do with the lesson." Belle, "But they listened to us, and each other, for the most part." Anna, "Not as much as I would like. They waste a lot of time arguing about nothing." "So … what did you notice was going on during the lesson?" Belle, "We talked, they listened." Anna, "and then they would interrupt." "Interrupt who?" Anna, "Me, when I was talking." "How true is that for you Belle?" Belle, "I hear them speaking, but it doesn't stop me reading." Anna, "But then they aren't listening properly!" "How true is that for you Anna?" Anna, "When I am reading I want them to listen, or they won't hear what I'm reading and then they can't follow in the book." Riccardo blurted out, "You have different strategies!" Anna, "We do?" "Where does your energy go during the lesson, Belle? Belle, "On keeping my focus on reading from the book, moving ahead all the time Anna, "On stopping the interruptions." 83

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