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Two teachers strategies

"What are you noticing

"What are you noticing about your strategies, the ways you each deal with these students?" Anna, "I think it's important to remember that the students will learn when they are listening; my job is to get them to listen." Belle, "I believe that when the students feel they are learning, they will listen; my job is to help them feel they are learning." "What next?" asked the voice. "What creative thing are you going to come up with?" "Wait and see," teased Riccardo. Anna, "So which one is right?" "What if neither strategy was wrong, but both contained something that is right?" Anna, "So what's right about her way?" "How could you find out?" Anna, "I could observe her." "What might you see or hear?" Anna, "I guess I could have seen or heard it today, but I was focusing on what I was doing." "So how could you see or hear what happens when you focus on something else?" Anna, "What else could I focus on?" "What's possible?" Anna, "I think you will have to tell me. I'm not seeing it." "What if you tried out her strategy for yourself?" Anna, "What you mean read from the book and ignore the interruptions?" "How different would that be?" 84

Anna, "I don't know." "How challenging would that be?" Anna, "Really hard." "How willing are you to try that strategy?" Anna, "I will give it a go. Sure, why not. It works for you. Are you going to try my strategy?" Belle, "You mean focus on keeping the interruptions down?" Anna, "Yeah, so they are quiet and listen to you properly." Belle, "OK. Why not. It would be different. And I think the students will enjoy us doing something different." "Where are we now? What have we decided to do?" Anna, "I am going to plough through the text and not let them interrupt me (laughs)." Belle, "And I am going to spend time nipping every interruption until they are quiet; before I read aloud." "And what do you hope to learn from that?" Anna, "I hope to learn what it takes to plough on regardless. I see they listen to you and it must be something in the way you read to them." Belle, "I expect I will see the interruptions that I usually ignore. It will be a refreshing change. I'm sure I will learn something." During the next lesson, Anna used Belle's strategy, "Please turn to page 64 and read along with me, as usual." The students initially tried to play their usual game of interruptions. "What page?" "Where? I can’t find it!" 85

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