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Two teachers strategies

Riccardo Midwinter’s

Riccardo Midwinter’s Tales of The Coach in the Classroom 9

Chapter 3: Two Teachers’ Strategies Riccardo had been asked to support two teachers as part of their teaching strategies development. His official assignment was to observe the teachers teach, and then coach them on what they wanted to change to get even better results. Riccardo met the two teachers in their small office. The first teacher introduced herself as Anna. Her demeanour reminded Riccardo of an industrious ant. She had beady brown eyes. Her silky, curly, silver hair was very short and is worn in a practical, severe style. She was very short and had a voluptuous build that Riccardo took a moment to forget. Her wardrobe was weird, mostly greens and blues. The other teacher, Belle made him think of an elegant dragonfly with large blue eyes like two sapphires. She was tall and of thin build. Her skin was pale. Her clothes were utilitarian and rather worn. The room where they met, had two desks piled impossibly high with books and students' work. Somewhere there was a desktop computer, Riccardo could see the keyboard peeking out from under a pile of photocopies. The two teachers introduced themselves: "I am Anna. Pleased to meet you. I moved to this school eight years ago, I was at similar school for many years before I moved here." "My name is Belle, I’m new to the school, I have been here for three years. Pleased to meet you too." Riccardo shook them by the hand in turn and opens his mouth to speak. He doesn’t have a chance to say anything before Anne shares her view of the situation. 77

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