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Two teachers strategies

Anna began, "You know

Anna began, "You know the situation here, don't you?" and without waiting for an answer she continued, "This secondary school has recently taken in a high proportion of immigrant students. All of the teen-aged students in our class recently moved to this country and have yet to develop their speaking and writing skills in the local language to the level naturally attained by their native-speaking peers." Belle explained, "Many of the teachers here are involved in a government-funded training course where they are learning and applying new teaching strategies which focus on more rapid language development. In addition to the ongoing teaching strategies training, several classes have two teachers in the classroom." Anna added, "That's why there are two of us!" Riccardo jumped straight into the space Anna provided, "First of all thank you both for inviting me to observe your lessons." Anna, "We are looking forward to it. It's good to get feedback." "I need to discuss a few things with you before we dive in. What comes to my mind first is confidentiality." Anna, "Yes?" "Whatever happens, I will not share the coaching with anyone else." Anna, "Why not?" Belle, "If we learn something from this coaching, we want to share it with our colleagues." Anna, "What's the point of keeping it secret?" "Sharing the learning is great. What I mean is, I won't share the name of the school, or your names or…" 78

Belle, "You wouldn't need to. There are hundreds of classes like these. We are learning how to work in a language intensive way with them. We are learning new techniques that we never learned when we trained to be teachers. I never expected to be a language teacher." Anna, "Me neither." Belle, "And I'm learning a lot by taking a look at how I teach, and how Anna teaches." Anna, "That's why we are so glad to have you come in and observe. Our colleagues don't have the time." "So it's OK with you that I share what I observe in your lesson?" Anna, "Oh yes." "Can I move on to some details then? What sort of things do you want to improve, what do you want me to look at, and what do you want me to not look at?" Anna, "Not look at?" "A lot can happen during a lesson, some things are relevant, some are not. Is there anything I should ignore?" Belle, "Ignore? No. Look at everything." Anna, "Yes, we have nothing to hide. We want to be better teachers." "What sort of things do you want to improve, what do you want me to look at?" Anna, "The students need to learn how to collaborate better." Belle, "We need to be better at getting through to them. We are running out of time." "Collaborate. And ‘get through’ better. Which shall we focus on first?" Belle, "Getting through to them." 79

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