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World's Best 2017-2018


NEW ZEALAND 2017-2018 Barfoot & Thompson is New Zealand’s largest privately owned real estate company, still family owned and operated after more than 90 years in business. With over 67 branches and almost 2,500 staff, it is a multi-award winning real estate company specialising in the Auckland and Northland property markets, along with dedicated lettings, rural and commercial real estate, projects, and body corporate divisions. Barfoot & Thompson has been entrusted with serving the property needs of Aucklanders since 1923, when the company’s founder Val Barfoot bought a small real estate agency in Newmarket, Auckland. Maurice Thompson joined him in 1940 and the business changed its name to Barfoot & Thompson. The founding partners were inducted into the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame in 2013. The company was built on the guiding principles of honesty, integrity and service, and is still run with those values at its core. The descendants of the founders are still involved with the company. The current directors – Peter Thompson and Kiri Barfoot – are the grandson and granddaughter of the original owners. In 2015, Peter Thompson’s eldest daughter started work at the company, representing the fourth generation of family to join the business. Barfoot & Thompson is Auckland’s leading real estate agency, with a consistentlygrowing market share since the mid-1990s. Auckland is New Zealand’s largest urban area and most-populated city with over 1.4 million residents – around a third of the country’s population. Focusing on one geographic location ensures that they know the Auckland property market better than any other New Zealand real estate company, and that they are able to meet the property needs of the city’s rapidly-increasing population. BEST REAL ESTATE AGENCY MARKETING ASIA PACIFIC Crest by Barfoot & Thompson BEST REAL ESTATE AGENCY MARKETING NEW ZEALAND Crest by Barfoot & Thompson NOMINEE BEST REAL ESTATE AGENCY WEBSITE ASIA PACIFIC by Barfoot & Thompson BEST REAL ESTATE AGENCY WEBSITE NEW ZEALAND by Barfoot & Thompson 14 International Property Awards

NEW ZEALAND Wholly owned by the Barfoot and Thompson families, each manager runs their branch – they do not own it, nor do they sell in competition to their team. Due to the company’s non-franchised model, any of its 1,700+ salespeople can introduce buyers and share information on any property that is listed, with no regional restrictions. This increases the reach of property campaigns, and creates competition at a scale not possible with franchised agencies and boutique offices. Throughout Barfoot & Thompson’s many years in business, the lettings division has been an integral part of the company. During the Great Depression, the company survived primarily on their letting services. Again, during World War II, the lettings agency proved to be a vital part of the business when residential sales dropped due to the price limits of real estate sales imposed by the New Zealand Government. From modest beginnings, the company’s lettings agency has grown from strength to strength. By 1975, there were 26 lettings branches. By 1979, they had over 1,600 landlords and over 3,000 tenants. Today, the lettings agency has over 60 branches and manages over 15,000 properties. Having been in business for over 90 years, Barfoot & Thompson is an iconic and highlyvisible brand in Auckland. The company ensures that it remains top of mind through innovative marketing practices and high-profile sponsorships, including as presenting partner of the World Masters Games 2017 in Auckland. The company’s focus on innovation extends to its staff and clients, demonstrated in their commitment to developing and investing in technology and tools that increase productivity and enjoyment in the workplace, thus empowering their staff to deliver an outstanding client service. 2017-2018 Barfoot & Thompson Ltd 34 Shortland Street Auckland 1010 t: +64 9 307 6300 t: +64 9 307 5549 (fax) e: w: BEST INTERNATIONAL LETTINGS AGENCY Barfoot & Thompson BEST LETTINGS AGENCY ASIA PACIFIC Barfoot & Thompson BEST LETTINGS AGENCY NEW ZEALAND Barfoot & Thompson BEST REAL ESTATE AGENCY ASIA PACIFIC Barfoot & Thompson BEST REAL ESTATE AGENCY NEW ZEALAND Barfoot & Thompson International Property Awards 15

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