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World's Best 2017-2018

CHINA Rui Hong Xin Cheng

CHINA Rui Hong Xin Cheng 2017-2018 HWCD is a fast-growing design firm with an international team based in Shanghai, London, and Barcelona. Its portfolio includes high-end residential, boutique hotels and urban design. From concept to construction drawings, the company emphasises detail and the incorporation of local cultures into each design process. Featuring an award-winning interior design by HWCD, Rui Hong Xin Cheng is a private apartment north of the famous Bund in Shanghai, across Huangpu River from Lujiazui Financial District. On one side is the historic promenade of Western mansions, while on the other is a surreal congregation of skyscrapers. HWCD’s challenge was to unify these stark opposites. Having spent many hours in consultation with the clients, the designers’ inspiration stemmed from their characters and expectations. As this project represents the top end of Shanghai residential developments, it has been highly bespoke from the very beginning. The best materials were procured following factory visits and meetings with experienced craftsmen and these were used to achieve the appropriate, optimum effect. The magnificent wall art in the guest bedroom, an image of an awesome city landscape, took no less than four months to create from drawings. Each step from the selection of wood, laser cutting to joining, is infused with a respect for age-old craftsmanship such as marquetry. Although following traditional methods and paying tribute to the apartment’s historic context, daring composition and combinations have given the space a distinct personality. For example, the dining room’s crystal chandelier uses rock crystals from a Belgian mine, ceasing to be a mere utility, it becomes BEST INTERNATIONAL INTERIOR DESIGN APARTMENT Rui Hong Xin Cheng by HWCD BEST INTERIOR DESIGN APARTMENT ASIA PACIFIC Rui Hong Xin Cheng by HWCD BEST INTERIOR DESIGN APARTMENT CHINA Rui Hong Xin Cheng by HWCD 18 International Property Awards

CHINA Keppel Sheshan Riviera Residence the personification of the clients’ preferences and experiences. Every element of this design displays a sense of unrushed pursuit for quality and perfection. Keppel Sheshan Riviera Residence is another award-winning project by HWCD. Situated in the so-called ‘Back Garden of Shanghai’, Sheshan Scenic Area, this is the only natural woodland area of this megacity. Sheshan has become a magnet for city high flyers looking to build family retreats there in recent years, thus HWCD was commissioned to design the show villa for a new and luxurious 170,000m² development. Villas at Keppel Sheshan Riviera Residence have a total area of 271 to 375m², a neoclassical façade, double height lounge, dual aspect layout and a panoramic roof terrace with enviable woodland views. Walking through the show villa, a striking sense of luxury and elegance is immediately apparent. Its bespoke style, delicacy in taste and elaborate details combine to provide an excellent visualisation for prospective buyers. Additionally, the design provides a nonintrusive platform on which any other themes can be incorporated. The show villa’s sense of space and symmetry gives the interior a touch of classic luxury while decorative shelving immediately catches the eye. A champagne gold coloured brass display shelf unit in the TV room was inspired by antique Chinese display shelves and forms an excellent example. On the first floor, the master suite features a fabric bound, wall-length headboard and velvet bed bench to enhance the feeling of homeliness and comfort. More functional rooms such as the games room, home cinema, wine cellar and maid’s quarters are extensively finished with natural stones and treated wood hardware to ensure an enduring environment. 2017-2018 HWCD 7th Floor, L’Avenue, 99 Xianxia Rd, Shanghai, China t: +86 21 6290 9866 e: w: BEST INTERIOR DESIGN SHOW HOME ASIA PACIFIC Keppel Sheshan Riviera Residence by HWCD BEST INTERIOR DESIGN SHOW HOME CHINA Keppel Sheshan Riviera Residence by HWCD International Property Awards 19

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