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World's Best 2017-2018


ANTIGUA 2017-2018 Elmsbridge Property International Falmouth Harbour Marina Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, P.O. Box W701, English Harbour, Antigua t: +1 268 562 8586 e: w: Elmsbridge Property International is headquartered in English Harbour, Antigua and is currently engaged in numerous commercial and mixed-use projects. The company’s award-winning project, Nelson’s Retreat, is best described as a ‘Smart Apart-Hotel’. Unlike any other property in Antigua, its design, location and operations ethos will add a new dimension to the island’s chic and understated south coast on opening in late 2019. The Elmsbridge team has designed a small, boutique property nestled into a steep site. The concrete block building method was chosen because it is traditional to the island and creates a superlative finished product. The wonderful, historic Georgian and classic Caribbean architecture surrounding Nelson’s Retreat is also respected and balanced via clean lines and native textures. The vegetation and landscaping of the site will be an important unifier with the environment, whilst still framing a modern hotel with clean lines and contemporary energy. Befitting the Caribbean, the interiors are open spaces that flow seamlessly from indoors to outdoors. The furniture is flexible for work or play as desired and the tone is mindful of the target market of guests generally in their 20s to 50s with a keen sense of adventure. The studio apartments will be privately owned and operated via the rental program with up to one month’s use per year and annual profit share for the owners. BEST INTERNATIONAL NEW SMALL HOTEL CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN Nelson’s Retreat by Elmsbridge Property International BEST NEW SMALL HOTEL CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN CARIBBEAN Nelson’s Retreat by Elmsbridge Property International BEST NEW SMALL HOTEL CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN ANTIGUA Nelson’s Retreat by Elmsbridge Property International 36 International Property Awards

SOUTH AFRICA Providing full turnkey solutions, EPL novospace is a South Africa-based interior architecture firm creating inspirational designs for clients across multiple sectors. RCL Foods is the result of a merger between five companies, requiring a head office, with architecture by Elphick Proome Architects, and a work environment focused on people. The intent was to foster a sense of unity and energy, with creative spaces and the opportunity to generate chance interactions. After extensive research into the needs of the client, novospace presented a number of overall style concepts, with the ultimate decision going to ‘Funky Raw’. Internal finishes were chosen to contrast against the white and charcoal exterior of the building, incorporating raw exposed brick, concrete, polished cementitious floors, rough sawn timber and an array of steel elements. A subtle approach is taken to link the interior with the nature of RCL Foods’ business – the occasional table supported by cutlery-shaped legs is a whimsical touch. Specific facilities needed for the project included test and development kitchens, a public food shop, cafés and a skybar. These were integrated around a dramatic central atrium to encourage collaborative working practices. The ultimate result of novospace’s work is a truly African working environment – one that departs from the familiar sameness of competing companies to create its own bespoke industrial aesthetic and identity. 2017-2018 EPL novospace 16 The Boulevard, P.O. Box 2757, Westway Office Park, Westville 3635, South Africa t: +27 31 2755820 e: w: BEST INTERNATIONAL OFFICE INTERIOR RCL Foods by EPL novospace BEST OFFICE INTERIOR AFRICA RCL Foods by EPL novospace BEST OFFICE INTERIOR SOUTH AFRICA RCL Foods by EPL novospace International Property Awards 37

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