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World's Best 2017-2018


PANAMA 2017-2018 Sara Battelli & Co. Calle Isaac Fabrega Panama City t: +507 6676 0999 e: w: Sara Battelli & Co is an architectural and interior design company which has worked tirelessly towards creating bespoke designs around the world that represent its clients’ utmost desires. In Panama, Sara Battelli’s vision of bringing Swiss quality to Panamanian building has been realised through attention to detail and with precision at the fore. She has created extraordinary architectural design to deliver residential and commercial spaces of a quality significantly above that which is usual for the country. With El Crillon, a multiple award-winning apartment with a very singular interior design, Sara Battelli has also introduced a new concept to Panama: sustainable building. Nineteen floors high within an apartment tower on the prestigious ocean side of Panama City, the property is owned by an extraordinary couple of mixed nationalities. Sharing a love of beautiful things, antiquities and incredible adventures, they were now building exquisite custom-made catamarans. Therefore, Sara Battelli created for El Crillon’s interior design a glamorous environment that reflected their interests, idiosyncrasies and achievements. Uniting the multitude of different styles and materials of the couple’s art collection invisibly, the design comprises pieces from all over the world. It also features several innovations including the largest tensed ceiling of the city and a custommade marble floor design that changes colour according to the theme of the room. Sara Battelli spends up to a month anywhere around the world getting to know and understand her client. From these organic, bespoke experiences, unique designs are built, to represent the client’s best selves. No two are alike; nor are any two projects. BEST INTERIOR DESIGN APARTMENT CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA El Crillon - Panama’s First Sustainable Home by Sara Battelli & Co. BEST INTERIOR DESIGN APARTMENT PANAMA El Crillon - Panama’s First Sustainable Home by Sara Battelli & Co. Award Winner APARTMENT PANAMA El Crillon - Panama’s First Sustainable Home by Sara Battelli & Co. 62 International Property Awards

CANADA Drawing inspiration from fine art and architecture, contemporary works in particular, Heather Segreti’s team of talented designers focuses on aesthetic sensibilities. This approach ensures that the company’s interior design concepts are steeped in tradition but have a forward-thinking attitude. Segreti Design’s Contemporary Kleinburg Residence is an award-winning private residence in Toronto, Canada. The client brief was to create a contemporary home that exhibited grandeur as well as the unexpected. Feature spaces within the home therefore became the great room, kitchen and the master bedroom with its en suite bathroom and dressing room. Customised artwork for the great room was large scale and impressive, to provide impact as a feature wall. A contemporary sectional sofa, unique custom chandelier, a book matched marble fireplace as well as other accessories to complement this feeling of splendour. The clients requested a touch of seafoam green for their master suite which would remind them of the turquoise water at their winter Miami home. This was expressed through the use of custom mosaics with an iridescence that reflect the light beautifully. The colour palette was primarily a neutral grey and white with an emphasis on white marble and light-coloured walls. There were several unique customised elements in this residence, from the curved rotunda walls to the colourful art glass which cascades like a vine of flowers up the stair hall. Kleinburg Residence displays all of Segreti Designs’ signature forward-thinking elements that will allow this property to carry forward with its timeless beauty for years to come. 2017-2018 Segreti Design Inc Toronto, Ontario, Canada t: +1 416 578 9638 e: w: BEST INTERIOR DESIGN PRIVATE RESIDENCE CANADA Contemporary Kleinburg Residence by Segreti Design Inc. BEST INTERIOR DESIGN PRIVATE RESIDENCE CANADA Contemporary Kleinburg Residence by Segreti Design Inc. International Property Awards 63

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