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World's Best 2017-2018


LEBANON 2017-2018 Sakr Real Estate Showroom, Jounieh Highway, Haret Sakher, Sakr bldg., P.O. Box 98-Jbeil, Lebanon t: +961 442 003 e: w: Specialising in large-scale residential and mixed-use developments in Lebanon, particularly outside the capital, Sakr Real Estate aims to be a game changer in the region’s property market. Mont MeMa is an innovative project across over 89,864m² of steeply sloping land in the Valley of Fatqa, marrying the old with the new to create a medieval inspired but modern equipped community with the smartest of living solutions and a plethora of services. The result is a fully sustainable and integrated lifestyle in a development that appears hundreds of years old. Built around four core pillars of nature, society, wellness and entertainment, Mont MeMa is set to become the world’s first Citage; a combination city-village. Traditional piazzas and galleries evoke historical touchpoints, with classical architecture, building materials and construction techniques. Stone and wood are used throughout and multiple green spaces and extensive plantings provide a deep connection with nature. A shopping mall complete with high-end boutiques is hidden beneath a manmade waterfall. Integrated into this is the latest in smart infrastructure including fibre optic networking, wifi, smart metering, parking, and management services with extensive energy optimisation facilities. This extends to the individual properties that feature full home automation and connectivity. The final result is an all-encompassing gated community to create the perfect haven in Lebanon. BEST RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT ARABIA Mont MeMa by Sakr Real Estate BEST RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT LEBANON Mont MeMa by Sakr Real Estate Award Winner MIXED-USE ARCHITECTURE LEBANON Mont MeMa by Sakr Real Estate 64 Africa & Arabia Property Awards

SINGAPORE Ridout Road, Singapore Singapore Winevault Design Intervention, helmed by partners Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage, has earned an international reputation for attention to detail, quality and creativity, winning awards at national, regional and global levels. A bespoke home, both inside and out, Ridout Road features architecture and interior design by Design Intervention. The property in Singapore was inherited by a couple and their two teenage daughters and, although the site is beautiful, the building was very dilapidated. Design Intervention demolished the house and created a new family home; contemporary in design and full of light, it maximises the fabulous views. Inside, pops of colour enliven the décor and add energy and vitality without overwhelming the rooms. The wife is an amateur artist and so her love of artistic effects is reflected in many of the soft furnishing choices. Singapore Winevault is a new wine tasting, restaurant and entertainment concept within a rooftop oasis in West Singapore. As its location is far outside the city centre, Design Intervention had to ensure that its interior design would entice guests to make the journey. The client brief was to create the ambience of an American mountain lodge – the challenge was to rework a look associated with snowcovered terrains and blend it seamlessly into lush, tropical Singapore. The result is a mash-up of two seemingly opposing design themes in a striking yet harmonious manner. 2017-2018 Design Intervention 75E Loewen Road, Tanglin Village, Singapore 248845 t: +65 6506 0920 e: w: BEST ARCHITECTURE SINGLE RESIDENCE ASIA PACIFIC Ridout Road, Singapore by Design Intervention Pte Ltd BEST INTERIOR DESIGN PRIVATE RESIDENCE SINGAPORE Ridout Road - A Bespoke Home Inside & Out by Design Intervention Ptd Ltd BEST ARCHITECTURE SINGLE RESIDENCE SINGAPORE Ridout Road, Singapore by Design Intervention Pte Ltd NOMINEE BEST LEISURE INTERIOR ASIA PACIFIC Singapore Winevault by Design Intervention Pte Ltd BEST LEISURE INTERIOR SINGAPORE Singapore Winevault by Design Intervention Pte Ltd International Property Awards 65

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