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CANADA Solar House Urban

CANADA Solar House Urban Villa 2017-2018 Makow Associates Architect Inc. 3 Bridgman Avenue, Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R3V4 t: +1 416 944 3510 e: w: Established in 1984, Makow Architects comprises a team of talented architects and designers, led by principal architect Stan Makow. The company, based in Toronto, Canada, has won awards for the two following projects. Solar House is a modern home in the Toronto neighbourhood of Forest Hill Village. The clients wanted a sustainable property in tune with the environment to suit their contemporary lifestyle. Meeting complex regulations, a solar panel; system was installed to maximise solar harvest without appearing obtrusive. The property’s resulting architectural design enhances the life of its residents by containing an impressive array of spaces which combine natural materials with a strong connection to the surroundings. It also sensitively contributes to the streetscape while pointing the way to a modern design approach, both in its immediate neighbourhood and in the city as a whole. Urban Villa is a contemporary home with a basement level three-car garage, also located in Forest Hill Village. Makow Architects created the driveway down the left side of the house into the basement, in order to achieve a symmetrical, unified and classical façade typical of the original homes which characterise this neighbourhood. The company also designed the architectural interiors, enabling a full coordination of the flow and proportions of spaces inside. Harmonising windows, interior and exterior materials, the play of light, space and surface is evident in each room. Every detail in the house and garden is fully integrated in the design process with every element being part of a unified whole. BEST ARCHITECTURE SINGLE RESIDENCE CANADA Solar House by Makow Associates Architect Inc. BEST ARCHITECTURE SINGLE RESIDENCE CANADA Solar House by Makow Associates Architect Inc. Award Winner ARCHITECTURE SINGLE RESIDENCE CANADA Urban Villa by Makow Associates Architect Inc. 66 International Property Awards

What began with a spark… emerges as an icon. The difference is Gaggenau. We have been perfecting one oven for 30 years. Our latest rendition accentuates its distinctive design: the door panel is now created from one imposing 90 cm wide sheet of 3 mm high-grade stainless steel. It represents one vast entrance to culinary potential. This remodelled, hand-crafted work of art represents the culmination of our finest principles, skills and ethos. We christened it the EB 333 in recognition of our 333 years of working in metal. This has always been more than an oven; it is a promise to create masterpieces. For more information, please visit or call us at +662 012 7965.

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