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World's Best 2017-2018


MEXICO 2017-2018 Proyecto Cafeina Street 17 Oriente No 16. Int 201 Colonia El Carmen, Puebla México t: +52 122 2242 2283 e: w: Founded in Puebla, Mexico in 2012, Proyecto Cafeina specialises in provocative architecture that generates intense emotions and sensations through consistent quality and integral design. Casa Ibarra is a prime, award-winning example in Puebla’s historic downtown, an area listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The building dates all the way back to the 16th century and is surrounded by the city’s important heritage monuments. Proyecto Cafeina’s renovation of Casa Ibarra proved challenging as it had to be undertaken with a great deal of respect given to the building’s historical background. Most of the invaluable colonial wall paintings located throughout the house were delicately restored while old and new elements of the design were carefully contrasted and differentiated. Cassa Ibarra now comprises nine residential apartments and two retail spaces. The materials chosen respond accordingly to the house by incorporating a mix of colonial colours, stripped materials and black steel in some elements. These areas include the stairs and mid-level floors that provide a contemporary and timeless appearance to the interiors. Certain original walls have been left exposed and illuminated by downlights so that the stonework can be fully appreciated. The interior design reflects the historic nature of the property while introducing some contemporary features such as lighting and furniture. A few of the original wooden beams have also been innovatively reassigned in order to be used as lamps, window frames and bathroom furniture. Award Winner MIXED-USE ARCHITECTURE MEXICO Casa Ibrarra by Proyecto Cafeina 72 International Property Awards

MEXICO Ranman is a Mexican corporation that plans, develops and operates projects of the highest standards in the real estate, energy, and construction sectors. Its award-winning project, Azhäla Sky Homes, is located in one of the best areas of Zibata, an exclusive development in Queretaro, Mexico. Presenting a new residential concept that stands out above all existing options, its focus is on families that enjoy a privileged and private environment. Azhäla Sky Homes consists of just 93 houses featuring avant-garde design, outstanding architecture, spacious living areas, controlled access and offering access to a range of amenities. These include Zibata’s 18-hole golf course, green recreational areas, cycle routes and first-class roads. Additional amenities within the development itself are a club house with terrace and lounge, a barbecue area, infinity pool, children’s playroom, jogging track and an indoor fitness centre. Located on a hill, the project is near a nature reserve, giving it spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. There are four different models of three-bedroom property available, ranging in size from 171m² to 234m² of living space, each on 160m² plots of land. One of the options also has the possibility of including a roof garden. The project will be equipped with automated access control and an electric perimeter fence as well as security personnel 24-hours a day to guarantee security inside the complex and its common areas. 2017-2018 Desarrolladora Ranman SA de CV José María Venegas # 110 Virreyes San Luis Potosi, Mexico t: +52 444 833 31 77 w: BEST RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT MEXICO AZHÄLA - Sky Homes by Desarrolladora Ranman SA de CV International Property Awards 73

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