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BID Leamington Key Facts - BID Ballot 2018

An overview of information that can be found in the full BID Leamington Proposal entitled 'Business Plan 2018-2023'. This summaries the four project areas and key activities planned for the next five years.

BID Leamington Key Facts - BID Ballot

BID LEAMINGTON 2018-2023 SECURING OUR TOWN'S FUTURE TOGETHER In March 2018, businesses will be invited to vote on the future of the Leamington Business Improvement District (BID). This is a summary of key facts found in the BID proposal entitled 'Business Plan 2018-2023'. 10 YEARS OF FOCUSED INVESTMENT BID Leamington was established in 2008 with a vision to make the ‘crown in Royal Leamington Spa sparkle’, by promoting and supporting local businesses and raising the town’s profile nationally. The BID has bought many benefits to the town and local businesses through continual investment in promotion, services and management. In the last five years, this equated to an investment of £1.5 million and in this time, BIDs team of two full time staff, generated a further £480,000 (32%) of additional income. The purpose of this document is to give you an overview of the information that can be found in the full BID Proposal entitled ‘Business Plan 2018 – 2023’. In the Business Plan you will find detailed information about our plans for the continued improvement of Royal Leamington Spa. It outlines what has been achieved, what we will do and describes our vision and projects to help you prosper in the future. You will also find information about the ballot process and why we think you should vote ‘YES’ so we would urge you to read this also. This is a critical decision for Royal Leamington Spa. The challenges facing our businesses are greater than ever before and so the value of the BID in representing their interests to secure a vibrant and successful town centre has never been more important. There are some wonderful opportunities to capitalise on but equally, there is a significant amount of development on the horizon, including the Covent Garden Car Park, which will greatly impact on local businesses, their staff and customers. We have a lot to do and without the BID, businesses have a lot to lose. Based on extensive consultation and market analysis our business plan sets out a robust strategy for the next five years. Activities aimed at addressing key issues such as attracting footfall, car parking, out-of-town and online competition and ensuring a strong retail economy are set out under four project areas: MARKETING, PROMOTIONS, EVENTS A premier regency shopping & leisure destination ENHANCING THE EXPERIENCE A beautiful, welcoming & managed town centre SUPPORTING BUSINESS An engaged & supported business community INFLUENCING & INSPIRING A thriving centre of commerce & creativity We cannot be complacent or think that things will not change. More importantly, it is wrong to think that the town will not suffer if this investment and focused management is lost. We know that the retail environment has become increasingly competitive and destinations all around us are also investing through BIDs. For this reason we want to provide you with the correct information and make sure that the decision you make is commercially driven. There is no doubt there is more to do and more to improve – but there is also no doubt there is more to lose by not investing at this crucial time in the life of our town. Please take the time to digest this information, and contact us if you have any questions. Stephanie Kerr Executive Director, BID Leamington THERE ARE BIG OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES AHEAD...

BID Leamington Business Plan 2018-2023