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BID Leamington Key Facts - BID Ballot 2018

An overview of information that can be found in the full BID Leamington Proposal entitled 'Business Plan 2018-2023'. This summaries the four project areas and key activities planned for the next five years.


10 YEARS OF ACHIEVEMENTS OUR HIGHLIGHTS Over the last 10 years, BID Leamington has set itself apart as one of the most creative and innovative small BIDs in the UK, winning numerous national awards and making headlines regularly. All of this is designed to attract footfall and to enhance the experience in the town centre. Here are a few highlights from a decade of achievements... “Making the Crown in Royal Leamington Spa Sparkle” IN MEMORY OF GERRY MCMANUS BID BOARD DIRECTOR 2008-2017 NATIONALLY RECOGNISED & AWARD-WINNING FESTIVALS MAKING NATIONAL HEADLINES Leamington Food & Drink Festival: Runner up British BIDs Proud Project Award 2016 µ Annual advertising in London Marylebone Station, putting Leamington Spa on the national map PUTTING LEAMINGTON ON THE NATIONAL STAGE A Community Funded Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014: Silver medal. £100,000 raised in cash & in-kind. Over £150,000 in PR generated in the national press. Winner of the British BIDs Proud Project Award 2014. 30,000 visits per month to 20,000+ followers on Social Media ENHANCING A beautiful, welcoming & safe town centre PARTNERSHIP WORKING FOR MUTUAL GAIN DELIVERING ATTRACTIVE STREETS µ Ongoing work with Helping Hands, Salvation Army, Police and the Retail Crime Partnership to address begging, busking, theft and anti-social behaviours. µ We led the creation of the ‘Think Before You Give Scheme’ & Support the Homeless Sleepout & Shelter. We also support the ‘Retail Radio’ scheme. µ A total of 1,250 floral baskets have been provided in the summertime over the last 5 years. µ BID has invested £100,000 in the town’s beautiful Christmas Lights over five years and secured a further £200,000 from partners to deliver the scheme. “Leamington in Bloom Wins Gold!” 6

PROMOTING A better promoted town centre PUNCHING ABOVE OUR WEIGHT ONLINE µ attracts 30,000 visits per month. µ The ‘Taste Leamington’ brand and website launched in 2016, servicing the leisure sector. µ Over 20,000 followers across 10 social media platforms. µ Ranked within the top 2% of towns and cities using social media to boost business in 2017. ast ...find the perfect place to dine! AWARD-WINNING CREATIVE PROMOTIONS Leamington Spa Golden Ticket: engages around 80 businesses and attracts 4,000-6,000 entries. Winner of the British BIDs Proud Project Award 2012. µ Leamington Pumpkin Path: 30 businesses & 132 entries from families. INNOVATIVE & MAGICAL CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGNS µ ‘Have a Magical Christmas’ featuring the interactive Augmented Reality Window, delivered in partnership with the Royal Priors Shopping Centre. Shortlisted for the REVO Purple Apple Marketing Awards 2016 GOLDEN TICKET Grand Prize: £450 worth of Jewellery from Peter Stephan Jewellers ...PLUS 12 fantastic prize packages all donated by town centre businesses. Collect your Golden Tickets when you shop in Royal Leamington Spa for your chance to win! Pick up your Golden Tickets in participating stores from 19 th November until 20 th December 2017. To enter, please see overleaf. For full details, please see HARD HITTING PR CAMPAIGNS Leamington Parking Angels µ Winged angels took to the streets to save shoppers from fines and enhance the experience. µ Over £590,000 of PR generated. µ BBC News - over 55,000 views on Facebook, 36 National Websites, BBC Radio 6 featured Leamington Angels as the ‘Theme of the Day’. µ “I got saved by an Angel” (Visitor's email, Christmas 2016) FOSTERING LOYALTY & SUPPORTING CREATIVE COMMUNITY EVENTS Leamington Lantern Parade: Runner-up British BIDs Proud Project Award 2013. µ Directly supported events which attract thousands of visitors annually e.g. Myton Hospice Santa Dash, Leamington Carnival, Peace Festival and Art in the Park. J000174 Golden Ticket 2017 v2.indd 1 10/11/2017 14:41 SUPPORTING & INFLUENCING An engaged & supported business community A COLLECTIVE VOICE FOR BUSINESSES µ Represented the town centre on more than 15 planning applications and supported many businesses. µ Acted on Town Centre Development Proposals and campaigned for parking Improvements. µ Secured a commitment to a parking displacement plan in the S106 legal agreement for the Covent Garden development. SUPPORTING INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES µ Supported businesses on issues including planning, enforcement, business rates, rent negotiations, business strategy & HR, marketing, recruitment, office space and more. µ Provided bespoke training for approx. 100 businesses per year including: Social Media, Trip Advisor and Counter Terrorism. GENERATING 32% ADDITIONAL FUNDING Each year, we generate around £90,000 of additional revenue which goes into town centre projects µ Secured £25,000 to deliver WiFi in the town centre. µ On the steering group of the £1 million Heritage Lottery Funded Pump Rooms Gardens Regeneration Project. 7

BID Leamington Business Plan 2018-2023