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Healthy SoFlo Issue 57 - Simone Cavalletti Dares to Overcome


DARES TO OVERCOME Before Simone Cavalletti became a trainer for the stars (and an inspiration for the rest of us) he was a child in Montefano, a small town on the Adriatic coast of Italy. It was a relatively uneventful, peaceful upbringing, only marked by the appearance of a special gift: Cavalleti was an athlete. When I say this, I don’t just mean that he would score a couple goals for his youth soccer team, or that he was the fastest sprinter in his class (Though I’m sure he did, and was). What I mean is that he excelled. You could put any challenge in front of him—be it soccer, track and field, or even gymnastics, and he would utilize his astounding physical abilities, heightened by the strength of his will, to overcome it. This combination of athleticism and mindset did not go unnoticed, and he was quickly put on a tract, which would allow him to make the best of them. And he did. Eventually, he ended up going to school for physical therapy. But it didn’t stop there. Even while he was in school, you could always find him assisting in handicap facilities. It was there where he got his first experiences with and understanding of Muscle Mobility. This fascinated him. He had to know more. His drive, his willpower, and thirst for knowledge eventually led him to delve into specialties in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Applied Kinesthesiology. As someone possessing such a finely tuned body and mind, and a winning personality at that, it’s easy to see why Cavalletti found so much success as a personal trainer. He has worked for celebrities as distinguished and varied as Madonna, President Bill Clinton, and Emilio Estefan. The latter of which approached him to be an integral part of the TV show, “Las Nuevas Voces de America”. There he appeared as a personal trainer for the contestants, helping them lose weight, gain confidence, and get in general shape. This kind of knowledge took him years to acquire and make sense of, but it developed, in him, an intense, holistic understanding of the human body. Whether it’s weight loss, physical therapy, or the prevention and relief of body aches, one would be hard pressed to find someone more knowledgeable than Simone Cavalletti.

COVER STORY · FEBRUARY 2018 Simone Cavalletti and Pitbull at Emilio Estefan's birthday at "Estefan's Kitchen" On July 15, 2016 at 9:00 am, I was leaving South Point Park with some friends after a training session on my bike. This is my routine every Sunday morning, but this day was different. A guy opened his van door without looking, hit me and left me with 6 broken ribs, a popped lung and hemathomas everywhere. I was sent to the Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Trauma wing where Dr. Manzano and his team took care of me at 10:00 am Cavalletti is very proud to be able to use these platforms to motivate and inform the public. One of his most adamant inclinations is to use his talents in ways that don’t only benefit the elite, but people from all walks of life. In addition to this, he is featured weekly one of the most highly rated shows on television, “Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco” and in one of Miami’s most prominent Hispanic newspapers, El Nuevo Herald. Cavalletti is very proud to be able to use these platforms to motivate and inform the public. One of his most adamant inclinations is to use his talents in ways that don’t only benefit the elite, but people from all walks of life. Cavalletti is a man who’s accomplished a lot, and he still feels he has a ways to go. But on July 7th of last year, life almost decided otherwise. It was the end of an otherwise ordinary summer day. Simone had just finished up a workout session at South Point Park in South Beach. He had gotten in his car, and started picking up speed, when a stranger slammed open his car-door onto the side of the road. Simone rammed right into it. In the process breaking six ribs, popping one of his lungs, and spilling hematomas everywhere. It was ugly and painful. Not just because of the obvious reasons, but the fact that Simone depended on his body to make a living. For most other people, this would have been it—the end of a fairly successful career. But if you’ve been paying attention to the story, you’ll know that Simone is cut out of something else. For him, this was just another challenge. He combined the unbreakable power of his will with his in-depth knowledge of physical therapy and his own body to create the perfect plan to get him back in working shape. And today, just half a year after he nearly lost his life, he is back and stronger than ever. He’s learned a lot since then. The most important thing being that your comfort zone is not a healthy and positive place to be. For the past four or five years, he had secretly been feeling like he wasn’t 100% okay, not in the context of his body, which he always keeps tip-top, but his mind. Going through this accident made him realize this, and pushed him to the state he’s in today. Now, he’ll back on TV with a show about weight-loss and health life. He’s ready to conquer for any challenges life dares throw at him. By Andres Portillo 19 HEALTHY MAGAZINE