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HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017


HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017 The Mikado I. Non-wilted cherry Blossoms upon the concrete Marked by gasoline II. Old stars drawn from ink Simplistic glory in calm Meditative strokes III. The moon speaks kanji To the cornfields that answer Its melodic call IV. From the village shrine To where Fuji meets the sun There’s tranquility V. Faces in the tea From steam rise prophetically Touch liquid surface VI. The ceramic pyre From the cups set aside By the tall green trees Poetry by James Gromis, 9c Untitled What stubborn Deference Must be conjured From an aching mind To heal the Wounds from the Past to let be The scabs of the Present and to Feel the juvenile Skin patches of The future Untitled The bar is too cold The club is too cold The alcohol is too cold The damn world is too cold Screams the hot headed Skinhead lantern hiking With Jack Daniels The hall is too hot The club is too hot The hippie bags are too hot Screams the cool headed Angelic bouncer Drawing symbols in coke Untitled Like a cornucopia Of fruit Dost the mind Spill rich, seedy Thought quelling Of lyrical juice. Exotic reds Citric yellows Filling conscience Beyond the brim Of comprehensibility 12 Photo by Henri Jackson, 11a

Tired Eyess by Ailie Gieseler, 11a HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017 There you are again, tired bloodshot eyes Dark, angry circles dragging at your lashes Then again, what i see is no surprise Don’t all of us burn ourselves to ashes? For that chance, that mere chance of The dazzling life of a dying, falling star We set hungry visions, sharp as a knife Golden stars, representing all we are Don’t cry with that surgical knife-like eye It’s made for medical precision and Or is that really all that is at hand? We’re more than stars on a fiifteen point scale So live that crying life, ‘fore it goes stale Photo by Ailie Gieseler, 11a 13

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