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HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017


HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017 L O O K I N G G L A S S The past has passed And become future The game has changed Why did you ever think it would stay the same you choose a winner after all you lost I hope you pick a sinner at least they know the cost The price is high Be sure to pay it You never know You might even obey it your smile is the asking price are you sure you want to roll those dice I never came to stop you I came to watch you fall didn’t you know I was the sinner B Y M A R I E B O H L 8 Art by Ella Jackson, 9c

An Uncommon Collection of Thoughts by Riva Greinke, 11a I want to exist in my truest form. A haphazardly taped together configuration of opinions, emotions and actions. And yet when I look at my reflection I force myself into a blueprint already handed to me. HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017 I fall into the shattered looking glass and envelop myself in the flawed concepts of human existence in order to fit into this outline. I don’t want to be defined by the ideas of another. It prohibits room for growth. It would be best to be an uncommon collection of thoughts. Girls by Lucy Defty, 11a I want to tell all girls that self worth is not a size, Or the width of the gap that lies between your thighs. It isn't hair that grows from legs like grass Or developmental scars on your legs and ass, Not wrinkles, or cellulite could ever detract Or make you less of a woman. Beauty isn't measured through numbers on a scale, Or by the symmetry of your face Not impacted by sex, religion or race. I feel like everything that's beauty in one, But through one word all that feeling is gone. So I want to tell all girls that self love is not an option. In a world where mothers call daughters fat And a girl gets bullied because her chest is flat. Art by Ariane Schmidt, 11a 9

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