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Sensual Delights

Sensual Delights FANTASING YOUR SEX LIFE Ever fantasized about being spanked, playing dress up or using sex toys during sex? These are some of the acts that people would love to do but are too afraid to tell their partner. A recent study found that less than half of people are satisfied with their sex life, and 51 per cent had not had sex in the three months. Could a sex menu save your love life? A sex menu of what a person loves, hates, and would be up for trying during foreplay and sex. According to experts, a sex menu should include turn-ons and positions, from holding hands to bondage, and cross-dressing. "There will be things on the list that turn you on tremendously and some that you’ll say, ‘Oh Hells No’. That is perfectly ok. May be something else will turn you on. ORAL SEX & CHAMPAGNE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE In the cuisine of sexuality, the BJ and cunny-licking are the appetizers of choice. A cunning linguist speaks the language of love, and he or she deserves the return pleasure offered by a grateful recipient. Whether you’re male or female, having your sex organ played expertly by an eager-toplease lady—or maybe two or three—guarantees that the sex that follows will feel like a rich and naughty dessert. Ask your girl to add Champagne to her BJ and cunny-licking, and you’ll learn why generations have savored those teasing, tickling tiny bubbles. There she stands, all smiles, a stunning vision of womanly loveliness waiting to greet you—and, tonight, she’s your girlfriend! It may be a fantasy, but it’s one you can immerse yourself in, deeply intimate and erotically charged to the hilt. If you’re seeking someone with whom you can enjoy pillow talk and bed play, a beautiful and eager-to-please lady you can meet at the Chicken Ranch or take out on a real date—for a full evening or even overnight—with a happy ending guarantee! Need someone to whom you can reveal your deepest secrets or wildest fantasies? She’ll listen closely, she won’t judge, and she’ll expertly help you realize your most private desires. SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS For some, it’s the wondrous sight of a beautiful naked woman displayed doggie-style on a bed, looking back longingly at you over her lovely shoulder, her back arched, as she waits for you to make her gasp in happy surprise as you mount her and fill her up. For others, it’s that special, strangely innocent bad-girl look in her eyes as her mouth forms a perfect O before taking your manhood, full-length, slowly and luxuriously, deep inside. And if you need some oral encouragement followed by sex, just ask for half-and-half. And the experiences aren’t for men only! Women seeking bisexual encounters can experience the pleasure of same-sex skills, too. The Chicken Ranch ladies possess infinite varieties of erotic skills, whether it’s stroking a man’s scepter until he feels like a king, or flipping a woman’s clit-switch to brighten her night, and, maybe, change her life. SEXUAL ADVENTURES Have you and your partner ever wanted to bring a third player into your love life, without fear of jealousy, and with both male and female exquisitely pleasured by your Chicken Ranch lady? Or are you a guy with imagination who always wanted to try a three-way coupling for double the pleasure, double the fun? Maybe your lady love would like a warm-up before sex. In that case, we suggest she straddle the Crtor, the world’s most erotic sexual vibrator, whose speed can be increased from slow to superfast with the twist of a dial. You’ll be able to watch your lady go from a low moan to screams of ecstasy. You’ll find out if your girl has a need for speed—she will—and we also have a selection of sex toys to get her prepared for wild times. Perhaps you’d like your own private sex tape to have a naughty memory of your experience. We can video it for you. Ever fantasized about sex with a porn star? We offer The Porn Star Experience. Your lady will show you how she achieved those memorable acrobatic sex moves before the camera, but this time, you’ll be her co-star! If you like your sex Roman style, we’ll organize your own orgy. You can even bring your future wife too! Getting married soon, and need to stage a bachelor party that your buddies will still be talking about years after the wedding? And where every man attending gets the royal treatment from our performing premarital mistresses? Ask and you shall receive. 26

SURRENDERING CONTROL Are you a bad boy or bad girl? Maybe you need a good spanking by one of our no-nonsense femidoms to adjust your attitude—and get you horny as hell. (Yes, our Chicken Ranch ladies can do anything and they are the best of the best in every sense!) Maybe you’ve been craving correction in the form of an impossibly sexy dominatrix who will force you to submit to her will, her orders, and her sexual insults that will drive you into realms of humiliation that will release you from your inhibitions. Soon you will be on your knees, blindfolded, as you listen to the quiet jingling of her donning a strap-on dildo, squeezing lubricant on the shaft, and slowly penetrating you, all the way, from behind. That’s right: You’re being introduced (Uh!) to pegging, fella, and you’ll love it. Just be sure to say, “Thank you, Ma’am!” to your mistress when you leave, refreshed. LIBERATE YOURSELF Let’s face it, so many parts of a woman’s body are so sexy, that men fetishize them: hair, neck, shoulders, back, breasts, hands, pussy, fanny, legs—and feet. Especially feet. With carefully manicured and painted nails. Feet that can be handled tenderly, that can massage your manhood as skillfully as gentle female hands, and toes you can suck to your heart’s delight. Our Chicken Ranch ladies specialize in creating fantasy role-playing. Want to pretend you’re the President being serviced by his secretary? Our ladies will admit you to her oval orifice. Like a sexy lady in fine, lacy lingerie? We’ll stage a lingerie show. Need a loving touch to bathe and pamper you? Just ask. Turned on by cross-dressing in women’s clothing? Our ladies will help bring out the woman in you. Dreamed of voyeuristically spying on two women fingering and kissing, then suddenly emerging to show them your stiffy so they can lick and suck it? Maybe you’re into exhibitionism. There are no boundaries; our girls do everything, where whipped cream, chocolate sauce, even baked beans—are applied to the skin. It’s a food fight you’ll never forget! 27

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