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Engineering NewHeights

Engineering NewHeights height adjustable tables provide a smoother and quieter lifting motion utilizing German gears and Austrian controls with a superior glide system. The Elegante XT, Eficiente LT, and Bonita ET are leaders in the height adjustable market with a failure of less than ½ percent, all of which have been repairable. Travel Range Elegante XT - 27” of vertical travel, adjusts from 24” to 51” of programmable height. Eficiente LT and Bonita ET - 20” of vertical travel, adjusts from 27” to 47”. Control Box Technology • Output Power: 216VA • Standby Consumption: 0.3 Watt • Programmable Start / Stop Settings The customizable programmable height control allows the user to quickly choose a sitting or standing position without having to remember which height they liked best when last adjusted. Even our standard up/down button can be programmed with container stops. 9

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