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| Message NAFL-Yearbook 2018 Nadia Abdul Aziz NAFL President Vice-President, Global Extended Board of the International Association of Freight Forwarders (FIATA) Welcome to the first edition of the National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL) Yearbook, your indispensable guide in doing business in the UAE. As the Arabian Gulf's first national freight forwarders association founded in 1992, we take pride in our commitment to bring the UAE and Dubai into the forefront of the global i n t e r n a t i o n a l f r e i g h t a n d transportation industry and to bring together in one body all the major players in the country's freight forwarding, logistics and shipping industries. We believe our industry plays a crucial role in connecting business and people as well as sustaining and providing for communities in the Middle East and beyond. The UAE, the second largest economy in the Middle East, is increasingly becoming an important transshipment point not only in the region, but globally as well. The country is ranked first in terms of “connectedness” – highlighting high standards of business climates, infrastructure and transport connections. Its logistics sector was valued at USD25.9 billion in 2016 with forecast for more growth as the government heavily invests on better infrastructure and ease of movement of goods. With industrial revolution 4.0 rapidly changing the way things are done with even logistics infrastructure being automated with more robotics at hand, we feel it is necessary to come up with this yearbook which will give insights about the UAE and the region and more importantly industry players who are ready to face even the most daunting challenges in delivering goods any part of the world. Beyond the B2B database, this yearbook also carries important information about the UAE—the mega event Dubai Expo 2020, Who's Who in the industr y, iconic landmarks, free zones, airports, seaports and a comprehensive economic overview. Our sincerest thanks to H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group, is the Honorary Patron of NAFL, for his support in this project. Our thanks, too, to all the NAFL m e m b e r s , o u r a d v e r t i s e r s , supporters and partners in creating this voluminous maiden issue of the association's first yearbook which we hope will be the beginning of more collaborations for the benefit of the industry. | 333

| NAFL-Yearbook 2018 Message HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airline and Group In less than two years, Dubai will be at the core of the global economic sphere when it hosts Expo 2020. This mega-event, the first in the Middle East and North Africa, is expected to draw more than 20 million tourists, generating as much as AED300 billion in tourism revenue in one year, and more importantly putting Dubai in the consciousness of millions around the world as the preferred safe destination to visit in the region. From its humble beginning as a small fishing village, Dubai has transformed itself into a global maritime and logistics hub connecting businesses and industries to more than 140 countries and routes across the planet generating as much as U S $ 6 6 b i l l i o n a n n u a l l y i n commercial activities. This is no small feat. A modern and e f fi c i e n t t r a n s p o r t a t i o n infrastructure and system have always been an integral part of economic growth. Both the government and the private sector heavily invested to realize this dream. And today, we can confidently say that we are reaping the fruits of our labor with the UAE recognized as one of the best in maritime and logistics in the world. The future looks bright and we will relentlessly p u s h f o r m o r e p r o g r e s s i v e initiatives to build a better world for all of us. The UAE shipping and logistics sector is an indispensable ally of growth in achieving this goal. Not only does the industry generate commercial activities but also provide jobs to tens of thousands of expatriates from the farthest shores. I commend the National Association of Freight and Logistics for coming up with this lofty idea of publishing the first NAFL Yearbook which gives some insights in doing business in the UAE apart from disseminating information about the companies engaged in the industry. Making a difference to economies and communities is a worthy cause. Congratulations! His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airline & Group President Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Chairman Dubai Airports | 333

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