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Find out more at Freddie: beating lymphoma Freddie, a Border Collie, was given just weeks to live when he was diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma. He had no symptoms other than diarrhoea, but when he didn’t recover with treatment his vets performed an ultrasound and found a mass in his small intestine. It was feared Freddie could only have up to 12 weeks to live, meaning he wouldn’t even finish the standard 19 week CHOP chemotherapy protocol. Hannah, Freddie’s owner, knew she had to try everything so Freddie was referred to the oncology department at the AHT to get the very best treatment. Hannah drove several hours from her home in Northamptonshire each week to bring Freddie and Hannah Freddie to his chemotherapy sessions, in “Most dogs with this type of cancer survive three to the hope that it would extend the time they four months, even with intensive treatment, so to had together. survive more than two years is almost unheard of. However, we have noticed other Collies who have Freddie managed to beat the odds and done well with this type of cancer, and are starting to finished the 19 week treatment. Now, an research into this a bit more to understand why this incredible three years after his diagnosis, might be. Freddie is having regular checks for any sign Freddie is living a normal life with clear test of tumour regrowth and we are keeping everything results. He has been in remission since May crossed for him.” Silja Laberke, Freddie’s Oncologist 2015, without any additional treatment, and has even gone back to showing, winning Best in Show at the Leeds Championship Show in July 2016 – well done Freddie! diet, keep him away from other dogs - and I became Hannah, said: “Freddie is a very brave, loyal and trusting completely obsessed with germ control. However the dog, which I believe has helped him get this far. He is treatment and support we got was first-class and we got my best friend, soulmate and shadow. Even though he is through the chemotherapy together. Three years on, you in remission, the worrying will never stop. I am forever wouldn’t think Freddie had ever been sick!” thankful to the AHT for everything they have done. Freddie would not be here without them.The treatment It is unusual for a dog to have such a bad reaction to the was very tough as Freddie would be quite poorly to chemotherapy, as most dogs show no side effects at all. start with, as he quite often had a low white blood cell Yet Freddie has overcome everything and amazed all of count due to the chemotherapy. We had to change his our vets by making such a fantastic recovery. Without the AHT’s knowledge and expertise, Freddie may not have had such a brilliant outcome. Through research, we’re finding the answers that will help pets like Freddie live healthier lives in the future. AHT Life 17

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