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AHT Life Magazine 2018

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Leading science and care for animals Putting their paws in our hands... Dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes come to the AHT’s Small Animal Clinic to receive expert care and attention. Working closely with each patient’s local vet, there are hundreds of reasons why an animal might be referred to a specialist hospital such as ours; essentially, it’s the wide range of expertise and specialist equipment we have in one place which enables us to deliver comprehensive care to the most challenging and complex cases. With 11 different disciplines your pet may be referred to see, we have the relevant - and often worldleading - expertise to support our patients through every stage of their diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Diagnosis Our vets spend a long time examining each patient and going through their history to fully understand the problem. It’s normal for your pet to benefit from more than one consultation, for example, you may be initially seen by internal medicine, but also neurology or surgery, or both, if our vets think there may be something else going on which requires different expertise. As we have so many specialisms under one roof, our vets always work together to decide the best way to proceed for each patient. Diagnostic imaging is usually required to help our vets get a better picture of what is going on inside. Our expert imagers use a combination of ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, fluoroscopy or CT, and work with the respective medic, oncologist, neurologist or surgeon to reach the right diagnosis and treatment plan. Along the way, the patient will be examined and cared for by our first-class anaesthetists, as well as supported by our on-site pathologists (if diagnostic blood tests or biopsies are needed) meaning any one case is worked on by several vets to reach a diagnosis. Imaging Because our specialist team is so diverse, supported by our incredible nursing and ward assistant teams, our patients get the very best care and owners get advice, support and results as quickly as possible. Treatment Once a diagnosis is made, our vets decide if the patient needs to be kept in for treatment, in the form of surgery, radiotherapy, medical management, intensive care or rehabilitation, or can be sent home with a treatment plan for your local vet to implement. Our referral hospital has separate wards for cats and dogs and dedicated nursing teams who work through the night to provide outstanding care to patients who require hospitalisation. 26 AHT Life

Find out more at Disciplines There are 11 main disciplines your pet may be referred to see: • Anaesthesia – gets patients through surgery or scans, pain-free, and into recovery • Dermatology – persistent problems with the skin, ears and nails • Diagnostic Imaging – ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, fluoroscopy and CT scans to assist diagnosis • Hydrotherapy – water-based exercise and rehabilitation to build up muscle mass and strengthen joints • Internal Medicine – conditions affecting internal organ function • Neurology – problems with the brain or nervous system • Oncology – cancer investigation and treatment *see more on page 15 • Ophthalmology – eye diseases and injuries • Orthopaedics – problems with bones and joints • Physiotherapy – movement and exercise to treat muscle stiffness, pain or injury • Soft Tissue Surgery – Surgical conditions of skin and internal organs Eye exam Recovery Where we can, we try to discharge our patients as soon as is possible so that they can continue to recover in their familiar home environment. However, for some cases, round-the-clock care and/or physiotherapy may be needed. In this case, our hospital environment is the best place for your pet. Our rehabilitation and hydrotherapy teams often develop a very special bond with patients (and their owners!) during this time. Training vets of the future Our vets are all highly experienced and are either clinicians, qualified specialists in their field, or residents, training to become specialists who are supervised by our expert clinicians. We also have interns, who are qualified vets gaining experience in specialty practice. BAER hearing test Research to help the pets we will never see As a charity, every penny of profit the AHT raises through treating animals goes straight back into developing new diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines to help thousands more animals. As part of our commitment to education and research, our veterinary staff spend time researching and publishing in their field of expertise, as well as lecturing internationally, to educate other vets and contribute to the veterinary profession. AHT Life 27

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