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AHT Life Magazine 2018


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Find out more at The Centre for Equine Studies Supporting the health and welfare of all horses today, tomorrow and forever. Key areas of our clinical research which will benefit horses all over the world… Hidden impacts of the saddle Our experts have highlighted that saddle slip may be an indicator of hindlimb lameness. Incorrect saddle fit for the horse can compromise performance and impact on welfare. The saddle must also fit the rider, so they can be in the correct position and in balance with the horse, for optimal potential for the horse and rider to perform well together. Are we using water treadmills correctly? Supported by the British Equestrian Federation (BEF), we have carried out an international survey across centres using water treadmills, with initial data collected on veterinary condition, session duration, water depth and speed, all being analysed to generate recommendations for the use of water treadmills. Taking the first step towards tackling the issue of rider weight Is laser treatment the way forward? We are investigating whether there are any short term measurable differences when horses are ridden by different sized riders. We are looking to develop guidelines as to what constitutes excessive rider size under different circumstances, to help improve horse health and welfare. Currently we are the only referral centre in the UK offering Regenerative Laser Treatment (RLT) for orthopaedic injuries, using the Smart RLT machine. Any horse with tendon or ligament injury, whether acute, chronic or degenerative, is a potential candidate, and so far results look very positive. Looking closer at horses’ expressions A horse’s facial expression can be an indicator of musculoskeletal pain. Supported by World Horse Welfare, we’ll be developing a practical tool for recognising these expressions, which could dramatically improve the health and welfare of all horses. Every case we treat will be closely followed to scientifically document this treatment’s effect on various injury types. The results will be shared with the veterinary and equestrian community soon. For more information, go to: AHT Life 35

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