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AHT Life Magazine 2018

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Find out more at How was the Animal Health Trust established? We owe our legacy to a vet called Dr Reginald Wooldridge, who wanted to see veterinary medicine advance at the same pace as human medicine. Without his vision, more than 75 years ago, we wouldn’t be here today to help improve countless animals’ lives. Dr Wooldridge had been frustrated throughout his career by the lack of educational research available to help vets advance their practice and to develop new techniques and medicines. He was extremely passionate about wanting to change this and in 1942 he established the Veterinary Educational Trust (later renamed the Animal Health Trust in 1948), with founding donations from the Royal Veterinary College and the National Veterinary Medical Association. After forming the charity, Dr Wooldridge turned to the bloodstock industry (the breeding and training of racehorses) for further funding: the AHT was born with close ties to the veterinary and horseracing industries. industry ‘behind the scenes’, keeping horses fit and free from disease, with an Dr R Wooldridge CBE, F RCVS emphasis on disease prevention. Dr Wooldridge’s aspirations have led to the AHT making a huge difference to the lives of countless dogs, cats and horses, such as: 1963 Opening the UK’s first veterinary forensic / diagnostic laboratory of its kind, primarily to detect doping among racehorses. 1992 Owning Europe’s first dedicated veterinary MRI machine, and pioneering its use in veterinary medicine in the diagnosis of brain and spinal problems. The change in name signalled a subtle change to not only work on developing new ways to treat animals, but also to find new ways to prevent animals becoming sick in the first place. In 1946 we opened the UK’s first Equine Research Station in Newmarket, with the aim of researching urgent problems affecting the Thoroughbred. In the same year, Lanwades Park, the current home of the AHT, was sold on favourable terms to the charity to provide a substantial base from which to carry out our vital work. This is how the AHT found its home in Newmarket, where we remain today. The AHT’s expertise in diagnostics and disease investigation continues to support the horseracing 2012 Opening the only purpose-built cancer centre in Europe, capable of delivering two types of radiation therapy to dogs, cats and horses. The AHT is special because... The Trust still believes that the best treatment relies on the best knowledge – and it is the leading UK charity where research and treatment are carried out in one place. The AHT is special because every penny of profit made treating sick and injured animals in its clinics, or diagnosing diseases through its diagnostic services, is re-invested into lifesaving research. This research discovers cures and treatments, and helps to prevent disease and injury in the first instance, putting an end to needless suffering. AHT Life 7

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