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Met Council & Haym Salomon Pre-Chanukah Event December, 2017

Haym Salomon Nursing Home and Met Council Collaborate on Magnificent Holocaust Survivor Pre-Chanukah Socialization Event With Over 500 Holocaust Survivors


Haym Salomon Nursing Home and Met Council Collaborate on Magnificent Holocaust Survivor Pre-Chanukah Socialization Event The Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty Holocaust Survivor Program teamed up with the Lipschitz family of the Haym Salomon Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation to host a Pre-Chanukah Event for Holocaust Survivors on December 3rd, 2017. Over 550 Survivors from all across New York City attended the lavish event which was held in the beautiful Haym Salomon ballroom featuring panoramic views of the New York City skyline. The collaboration between the Haym Salomon Nursing Home and the Met Council Holocaust Survivor Program works so well since both programs provide services in a person-centered manner, which allows survivors to receive help in a dignified and sensitive manner, individualized to each person’s experience. These social events aid in alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. The survivors in attendance are often isolated with little opportunity or ability to leave their homes and engage in distraction from painful memories. This event created an opportunity for survivors to join together to celebrate not only the miracles of Chanukah, but their own miraculous survival as well. Chaim, an 89 year old Survivor proudly dressed for the event, declared: “I haven’t left my apartment in three weeks, but today’s the day!’”

Arriving in comfortable coach buses, the attendees were greeted by a pair of playful mimes and ushered to their seats. One survivor was struck by the welcome they received: “All the staff members were smiling as we came in and throughout the event.” They enjoyed a delicious, beautifully presented four course lunch in the elegantly decorated, Chanukah-themed ballroom. Guests were entertained by renowned singers Shulem Lemmer and Yoely Lebowits and a full musical orchestra, and were treated to performances of songs from the ‘alte heim’ that they remembered from their youth growing up in Europe. The survivors enjoyed clapping and singing and dancing along to the music. One guest, an 86 yearold survivor from Boro Park, felt that “the music was not from this world, it was so beautiful.” Survivors were addressed by distinguished guests - New York City Council Members Rafael Espinal and David Greenfield, Councilman-Elect Kalman Yeger, and a representative from the Mayor’s Office. A grateful guest commented that the event was ‘Yiddish’ and ‘Heimish,’ thoughtfully organized and personally designed towards ‘our background’.” The joy of the hundreds of survivors was clear to all in attendance. “Seeing all the smiling faces and all of our survivors having a great time was such a wonderful treat,” said Judah Zellermaier, Met Council’s Director of the Holocaust Survivor Program. “We were so fortunate to be able to team up with the Lipschitz family of the Haym Salomon Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on this outstanding program and we look forward to working on many future projects together.”