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Integral Coaching Model V6

AQAL – All Levels The

AQAL – All Levels The Integral Theory considers that each of the four quadrants shows growth, development, or evolution. Levels of Development represent the actual milestones of the development journey, and the Integral Theory embraces “All Quadrants at All Levels.” Coaching is about the personal development of the individual, thus embracing the development of the Upper-Left and Upper-Right quadrants. The Lower-Left and Lower-Right quadrants (collective) are relevant variables in our approach to support the individual development, as they strongly influence the individual. However, although they also have their Levels of Development, these will not be explored in our model, since the coaching process purpose is the individual’s development. Rackel Valadares - All Rights Reserved - 2014

Leadership – What is it about? The study and practice of leadership is concerned with one essential question: How can individuals and groups influence and motivate others to achieve significant results? Our model focuses on Coaching processes for Leaders, considering that Leadership does not refer to a position on an organization chart, but rather, it is authentic self expression that creates value for others. Rackel Valadares - All Rights Reserved - 2014

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