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Integral Coaching Model V6


The Integral AQAL Theory AQAL stands for All Quadrants, All Levels. The AQL Theory considers that there are four fundamental perspectives to any occasion (four quadrants): the inside and the outside of the individual and the collective. Wilber notes that a pathology in any quadrant will reverberate through all four quadrants, because every human being context has these four facets inter-related. Rackel Valadares - All Rights Reserved - 2014

AQAL - The 4 Quadrants The interior of the individual (“I”) Interior The culture (“WE”) Values Beliefs Ethics Self-awareness Self-confidence Cognitive Intelligence Emotional Intelligence Personality Preferences “Worldview” Collective Values Vision and Mission Organisational Culture Workforce Engagement Stories Collective Paradigms Collective “Worldviews” Individual Behaviors Actions Skills Competencies Performance Policies Processes Organisational Chart Relationships Customers Reward System The individual seen from outside (“IT”) The social Environment (“ITS”) Exterior Collective Figure 1: The AQAL 4 Quadrants Rackel Valadares - All Rights Reserved - 2014

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