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Reviving the Flame

Travail de Master de Tiffany Duc

List of Concepts

List of Concepts Coalition of beneficiaries Collusion : term used to designate all people in favour of the Games, and that can have a personal interest in hosting them. : when people or enterprises find an arrangement to their own benefit but not the others’ (i.e. two leader enterprises may increase their prices to gain more from the Games, even though it is unethical). Deficiency discourse : a speech on a topic that lacks information and credibility, i.e. in this context few Swiss politicians pretend there is no more snow in Valais, which is not correct. Displacement Event led Event themed Fast tracked Legacy : when a minority is moved from its neighbourhood to another one. : projects that concentrate on optimising the event impacts through associated initiatives. : leveraging projects that attempts to address key concerns of the destination by using the event as a leitmotiv. : used for projects that are accelerated through political abuse, i.e. oppositions are cancelled, laws are superseded, etc. : “is all planned and unplanned, positive and negative, tangible and intangible structures created for and by a sport event that remain longer than the event itself.” (Preuss, 2007, p. 211). Leverage : event implementations that can optimise desired event outcomes (Chalip, 2004). Immediate Leverage : focuses on instant economic impact by fostering event visitors spending through four strategies (encouraging shopping activities, lengthening visitor stays, retaining event expenditures, creating and enhancing business relationships). Long-term Leverage : focuses on destination’s image improvement over time; can be done by enhancing event advertising and reporting. Placebo legacy Psychic income : a heritage that does not belong to the said event. I.e. if a stadium is already planned in the city development plan, having the OG will only accelerate its building, but it will not be an OG’s legacy per se. : intangible revenues like pride, national cohesion, feeling of belonging, etc. List of Concepts x

Sanitation of cities Shared authority White elephant : when an area or city is cleared of undesirable minorities (i.e. beggars). : when different stakeholders work together, each have a certain authority in the decision-making processes. Depending on the project, one will have more or less power, i.e. a scientist will have less power for tourism topics than for technology. : infrastructures build for the Olympic Games only and that are not used anymore after the event and become financial burdens to the community. List of Concepts xi