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Reviving the Flame

Travail de Master de Tiffany Duc

8.2. Project 2. Youth

8.2. Project 2. Youth Multi Sports Program The project goal is based on the desire to bring the youth back in sporting activities. On the short term, the project focuses on engaging the youth with a variety of winter sports and bringing them the opportunity to find interest for these activities. A mid-term objective is to manage an inclusive program also for kids with special needs (i.e. disabled). On the long term, the goal is to revive the Swiss winter sport culture, and establish a new generation of sports- women and men. 8.2.1. Project’s Ideal The ideal is to foster passion for winter sports to young people, by offering them experiences in a variety of activities. These events should bring various stakeholders together to propose affordable prices (i.e. material rentals, teachers, ski passes, etc.) to the youth. The thinking is to bring the youth back to a healthier and more cohesive lifestyle, by showing them the example through positive collaboration between the different actors of the winter sports domain. 8.2.2. Target Group As of today, statistics show that young people participate less and less to winter sport activities. Many sports are rather expensive since they require specific material, courses, ski passes, etc. Furthermore, the generation Y and Z are growing in an increasingly digitalised world, where their free time is gradually spent over smartphones, tablets, and online social medias. The interest for outdoor sports is decreasing and health issues are slowly increasing. In Switzerland, it is estimated that one kid out of five is overweighed or obese (Tribune de Genève, 2017). In addition, certain specialists warn the risks numerical devices represent for toddlers and young kids: autistic behaviour and inability to distinguish the real world from the digital one (Bieri, 2017). The increasing isolation of the youth on numerical tools is also a risk for society’s cohesion and understanding of social behaviours. To avoid and reverse these tendencies, the creation of a sporting program is of utmost importance to decrease the time spent on digital platforms, improve health and reconnect kids with real-life and social encounters. The educational side of the program must target health concerns and social relations. Outdoor activities also encourage the discovery of local areas and are a key factor for the youth to understand the importance to differentiate the digital from real world. Handing over the Flame: Legacy Projects 47

8.2.3. The Program The program is based on the existing winter package “Samedi Multiglisse” created and constantly improved by the Swiss Ski School Director Mr. Angelo Riva, in la Tzoumaz. He graciously agreed for his idea to be re-interpreted in this thesis. In the context of the Sion 2026 Winter Olympic Games, the Youth Multi Sport program will be designed to be adaptable to the various Swiss cantons. The idea is to propose, during the winter season, a set of eight to ten week-ends, organised and managed by sport associations. Most of these week-end will be dedicated to the main winter sport of the region, while the other days will provide the participants with insight of less popular activities. Management Through this project, the youth must be motivated to spend more time outside, experiencing outdoor activities, and enjoying the encounter of other young people. To carry out the program, a collaboration with the Valais Snowsports Foundation would be a key alliance to make. Indeed, the foundation’s own mission is to develop snow sports in the canton of Valais while fostering networking between the different stakeholders. Their targets are also sport for disabled, schools and ski competitions. The project’s design would be taken care of by the legacy association created by Sion 2026, and the program would be promoted and managed by the Valais Snowsports Foundation in Valais and similar entities in the other cantons. Lastly, sports- women and men can become ambassadors to the program and join certain activities with the participants, offering more satisfaction, mentoring and motivation to the youth. Implementation As an example, the Swiss Snow Schools from the Swiss Snow Sports Association would be great stakeholders to implement the week-ends, by providing qualified teachers and know-how. The week-ends would be organised during the low season for the students to enjoy less busy slopes, while the Swiss Ski Schools would provide job to their employees. Regarding the program itself, 60% of the schedule must target the main winter sport of the area (i.e. ski, ice hockey, etc.), while the remaining 40% would focus on different activities (i.e. snowboard, telemark, etc.). The sports teachers would take care of the kids and accompany them in their experiences and spend time with them at lunch hours. For the program to be adaptable, other sport association are invited to improve the network and provide other winter activities such as ice hockey, curling, cross-country skiing, etc. Depending on the area. Handing over the Flame: Legacy Projects 48