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Reviving the Flame

Travail de Master de Tiffany Duc

Appendix X – Risks

Appendix X – Risks Summed Up Before the bid Risks During the Bid During/after organising Games Environment o Green Washing o Misunderstanding of sustainable development o Saturated public transports & roads o Weather conditions Politic o Lack of political alliances o Lack of alliances within the IOC o Scandals, corruption cases Budget o Lack of guarantees in case of deficit o No proof o Costs overrun, additional unexpected costs Communication o Misinformation from the media o Lack of cohesion and leadership in the OCOG o Media attention can quickly highlight problems, corruption, etc. Stakeholders o Lack of enthusiasm o Scepticism o Possible national referendum o Security risks o Overcrowding Legacies o No proofs that Agenda 20 20 will work o Stakeholders expect different things from the heritages Source: Author’s Table o Manage and achieve legacies as promised Appendices 69

Appendix XI – Rainbow Book, Project for an “Olympic School” Source: (Sion 2006' Committee, 1999) Appendices 70