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Local Life - Wigan - March 2018

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98 A View From The Lump

98 A View From The Lump Local gossip, gripes and goings-on Let’s skip that idea When the kids were little, they loved nothing more than an afternoon down the council tip. This was in a much less formal age when the lads minding the skips would happily turn a blind eye by going for a six hour tea break while a few of us ‘chosen ones’ would have a good rummage for any discarded gems. Sadly, those days have long gone. Everyone’s an Environmental Advice Officer now and CCTV cameras watch your every move. So it’s hardly surprising that Wigan Council’s announcement that those of us with trailers or vans will soon be able to print our own permits off at home got a muted response. Granted, it’s better than having to wait for the creaking cogs of bureaucracy at Wigan Council to spring into action, but to be honest I object to having to have a permit in the first place. It’s the kind of petty officialdom which grates on people. I accept that maybe the blatant pilfering of yesteryear may have had its day, but at least let’s put an end to this pen-pusher’s paradise. After all, so much waste paper isn’t good for the environment... Child’s play And so it looks like yet another former pub will be turned into a nursery. Yes, I hear there’s plans in the offing to convert the old White Lion in Pemberton. It’s recently become something of a trend of turning pubs into nurseries. Squires Bar in Billinge recently became a nursery, and my mate in Burscough laments the loss of one of his local boozers, The Junction, to the next generation. It always amuses me though the planning process classes such projects as a ‘change of use’. Swapping one lot of rowdy folk, desperate for their fix of sugarinfused beverages and the occasional scrap, for another? Doesn’t sound much like change to me... Up the junction Isn’t it about time there was a roundabout near Windy Arbour? The amount of crashes and near misses on that two mile stretch is getting beyond a joke. I know being so close to Skem, roundabouts have got a bad name in these parts, but surely if there were ever a place which merited one, it’s at the junction of Billinge Road and Winstanley Road? I’m hoping some eager-eyed local election candidate will spot this and run with the issue. At least until Friday, May 4... Here comes the sun I’m now counting down the days until the clocks go forward. As I’ve got older, I increasingly detest the short days. I’m not sure why because, as a child, it didn’t bother me in the slightest. Then again, we’d stay out playing football even in the dark, rain lashing down and ensuring a full linen basket for mother that evening (this was in an age before men could work a Hotpoint, and those who did were generally shunned by their mates). Maybe my decreasing levels of mobility since the age of 17 - the precise time I passed my driving test - have something to do with it. But unfortunately, I’ve never been a morning person and there’s precious little point going out at 1pm only for the sun to be beating a retreat 90 minutes later. You may think these are pitiful excuses, but I’m genuinely looking forward to getting a bit more Vitamin D into my bones. It’ll make a change from looking as pale as a rice pudding.

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