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Urban Legendary ( The Legacy Of Force One )

Urban Legendary is a pictorial history that focuses on the Legacy of Brick City Newark,Nj.Underground Hip Hop Legend Gee Rock & Tha CND Coalition !!!!

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cause it always was a favorite tune from him. He did the production of the debut EP from Brown Hornet & The Stinga titled "Long Overdue". Gee Rock and Mis Fit appeared on the track "Freestyle Fanatics", Brown Hornet & The Stinga later changed their name to Left Hook Right Hand. Brown Hornet aka Double O appeared with guest features on two Redman albums on the tracks "Cloze Ya Doorz" and "Bricks Two". Also he produced the split vinyl EP from N.I.G. Dee and Tonski-Spies in '96 released on Rescue One Records. The track "Rough And Rugged" from the EP is featuring Gee Rock, Tonski- Spies and RJ (aka R-Sun from Native Trinity). Native Trinity already had a dope 12" single out in '94 titled "Laws Of The Land / Check It Out". Here we have two another dope unreleased tracks from '96 called "For The Braincellz" (feat. Franky 2 Backs & Stroke One) "Brickz Brigade" (feat. Case Da Champ, Waz Most, Quannie Quan & Stroke One) In 1997 he released a split vinyl EP together with the jersey rapper Tru on Force One Records. Many years later Tru released his first album "Ins-Tru-Mentals". In '97 he also recorded "Sign Of The Time"* (feat. RJ of Native Trinity) and "Freestyle Fellowship" (feat. Napps, Mr. Kind, Egypt, & Quannie Quan) but again these dope tracks are unreleased.In 2006 he made the remix Sign of the Timez (feat. Lakim Shabaaz, PrinceAllah).In 1998 he released his third album entitled "Phuturfunkaristik" on cassette through Force One Recordingz In 2003 he met Percee P through Quannie and Percee put him up on myspace and another productive era began. He rereleased this album later in 2006 as Phuturfunkaristik 2000 XL with a altered tracklist. Mytee G. Poetic who appeared on the track "Krazy 8" also had some dope 12” singles in the 90s: "Com’n Wit Nuff Ruffness / Brick City Blues" (1994), "Com’n Wit Nuff Ruffness / Listen To The Lyrics" (1995) and "Discovery Zone

In ’98 he produced the track "Stick And Move" for Nig Dee which was available on the Various Artists compilation CD "Insomniac Magazine Presents: Can't Sleep On The Streets". Around 2000 he stepped into film making and made 4 movies: "Place To Be", "A Man Called Steel", "The Get Together" and "Phone Tap". "Place To Be" is a Hip Hop film and he also produced the soundtrack with various artists. "A Man Called Steel" was in many film festivals, including Tribeca. "The Get Together" was a comedy movie. In 2002 he produced the album "Ghetto Child" for N.I.G. Dee. A few copies were pressed on tape, but it was never released. In 2003 he met Percee P through Quannie and Percee put him up on myspace and another productive era began. In 2006 he released another Soundtrack: Force One Networkz presents: Street Life (Inspired By The Underground Hit Film “The Game Is Dead”) 45 King, Apache, Awesome Two (Special K, Teddy Ted), A-FS 201-973, A.C. The P.D., Bryce Snow, Big Seven, Big Jeff, Treach (Naughty By Nature), Chill Rob G,Dj Baron, Dj Champagne, Dj Mecca, Dotta Rock (Fantastic Five), Doc Strange, Flavor Unit, Furious Five, George Clinton (Parliament / Funkadelic), Gunsmoke, Hunter Hayes, Jam Master Jay, Jesaka Saylove, Kool Keith, Kurt Nice, Lord Yoda, Mr. Funky (Lords of The Underground), MC War Flattop, Phaceizdaname, Pure Dynamite, Pow Wow, Queen Latifah, Rodney C (Funky Four +1 ), Super Lover Cee, Split Personality, Steven Washington (Slave), Viola, Wendy Day, and a host of others...the list is astronomical.....I would just like to say lastly: happy 40th Anniversary & congratulations on your book...Salutes to Gee Rock & Tha CND Coalition !