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MFCP CIRCULATION Mailed Weekly into the homes of 17 area communities! CIRCULATION VERIFICATION AUDIT BY C O U N C I L Wednesday, February 14, 2018 UNITED WE STAND PRSRT STD U. S. Postage Paid West Point, NE Permit No. 49 ECRWSS Postal Patron Blanketing Nebraska’s Richest Agricultural Region: Bancroft, Beemer, Craig, Dodge, Hooper, Howells, Lyons, Oakland, Pender, Pilger, Rosalie, Scribner, Snyder, Thurston, Uehling, West Point and Wisner. Published by West Point News • 134 East Grove, West Point, NE 68788 • Phone 402-372-2461 WE HAVE A CLASS FOR YOU COMPUTER & TECHNOLOGY MICROSOFT EXCEL 2016 - LEVEL 2. This class is for users that have been exposed to Excel and the commands. The material covered includes: creating tables and graphs, working with large worksheets, adding graphics to worksheets, moving and sizing images, using smart art, using and managing multiple worksheets, named ranges, using outlining tools and pivot tables. Tues., 9 am-12 pm in Room 212. Instr. D. Ballard. $60 February 27 and March 6 (INFO5315) CRN#70149 QUICKBOOKS - LEVEL 2. This course covers creating inventory, dealing with items, and adjusting inventory counts on a continual basis. Learn about Sales Tax and Sales Tax groups, paying your sales tax, running payroll, and paying your payroll liabilities. We will create capital assets and utilize the Loan Manager, generating an amortization schedule. Discuss dealing with bad debt and creating journal entries. Tues., 1-4 pm in Room 212. Instr. D. Ballard. $60 February 27 and March 6 (ACCT5300) CRN#70148 BASIC COMPUTER I. Learn the basics of using a computer. You will begin with skills such as powering the computer on and off, using a mouse and keyboard, utilizing the desktop and launching programs. This class will be taught at a very relaxed pace with significant hands-on practice, and is appropriate for the person with very limited computer knowledge or none at all. Tues., 1-4 pm in Room 212. Instr. D. Ballard. $30 March 13 (INFO5105) CRN#70155 BASIC COMPUTER II. Learn the basics of using a computer. Expand your skills by learning to use a word processor and work with tool and task bars. Perform basic formatting functions and saving and printing documents will also be covered. This class will be taught at a very relaxed pace with significant hands-on practice, and is appropriate for the person with very limited computer knowledge. Thurs., 1-4 pm in Room 212. Instr. D. Ballard. $30 March 15 (INFO5305) CRN#70158 COMPUTER SECURITY AND TROUBLESHOOTING. Have you ever wondered why your PC slows down over time? Want to explore ways to keep your PC and personal information safe from the bad guys? If so, this is the class for you! We will cover techniques that hackers use to try and steal your information or render your computer unusable. This class will cover features in regards to Windows 7, 8 and 10. Tues., 6-9 pm in Room 212. Instr. T. Bailey. $30 March 6 (INFO5270) CRN#70150 WINDOWS 10. Demystify Windows 10! We will explore a variety of new features in Windows 10 including (but not limited to): Task View / Virtual Desktops, Cortana, Start Menu, Action Center, Edge Browser and more if time permits. Attendees will gain hands-on experience while taking advantage of new tips and tricks to take the mystery out of Windows 10. Tues., 6-9 pm in Room 212. Instr. T. Bailey. $30 March 20 (INFO5190) CRN#70159 ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. Whether you are looking for everyday edits or total transformations, Photoshop offers a complete set of tools to turn your snapshots into works of art. You will learn the basics of Photoshop and how to organize, enhance and edit photographs. You will begin to create a project by playing with color, effects, and more. Tues., 6:30-9:30 pm in Room 212. Instr. P. Schinstock. $30 February 20 (ARTS5120) CRN#70144 SOCIAL MEDIA. Do you want to join social media but you aren’t sure where to start? This class is for you! We will explore Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. You will learn how to set-up an account, put privacy and security settings in place, find friends, and start sharing photos and comments. If you already have accounts, please bring your user names, passwords, and email log-in information. Thurs., 6-9 pm in Room 212. Instr. L. Fitch. $30 March 8 (INFO5155) CRN#70151 WEB PAGE DEVELOPMENT USING GOOGLE. Create a Webpage using Google sites. You will learn to insert images, text, and links. Share your site with additional editors to keep it up-to-date. Create multiple pages. Embed a calendar, YouTube video or map. Publish the site so all can see. Continue updates to the website on your own. Use your own images to create a personalized site. Tues., 6:30-9:30 pm in Room 212. Instr. P. Schinstock. $30 March 13 (INFO5240) CRN#70154 SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESSES. As a small business professional, it is important to understand how major social media platforms can help build relationships, increase organizational awareness, network, turn cold leads into warm leads, and improve brand recognition. You will learn functionality, analytics, and advertising. Every business can benefit by the reach, affordability, and flexibility of social media. If you are unfamiliar with social media, we suggest you take the general social media class before attending. Thurs., 6-9 pm in Room 212. Instr. L. Fitch. $30 March 15 (INFO5155) CRN#70156 SMARTPHONES – DISCOVERING YOUR DROID! Whether you are thinking of getting an Android smartphone or already have one, this class is for you. Discover the basics of the Android smartphone. Explore pictures, sharing pictures, texting, managing contacts, working with apps, and using the internet. Bring your user ID and password and be sure your phone is fully charged. Thurs., 6:30-9:30 pm in Room 212. Instr. P. Schinstock. $30 March 22 (INFO5200) CRN#70160 APPS FOR PRODUCTIVITY. Discover favorite apps that can help simplify your life and become more productive. You will learn about apps that can help with budgeting, shopping lists, organizing to do tasks, traveling, keeping the family on schedule, and so much more! You won’t want to miss this! Bring your fully charged smartphone, iPad or tablet with you along with your email address and passwords! Thurs., 6-9 pm in Room 212. Instr. L. Fitch. $30 April 5 (INFO5230) CRN#70181 BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT INSURANCE - THE UPDATE ON IDT. 3 Hours General #38199-NE; #102594-IA. This course offers an update on the crime of identity theft; how it is affecting consumers and what insurance products can assist. Tues., 9 am-12 pm in Room 206 via Distance Learning. Instr. L. VanderWal. $45 March 6 (INSU5245) CRN#70307 INSURANCE – CYBER: DEFLECTION OR INVESTIGATION. 3 Hours Ethics #34398-NE- General #85192-IA. The course provides a general set of guidelines for reporting cyber events. Discuss how to assist business customers in creating a safe environment for customer data. Define data breaches and understand the liability when a loss occurs. Tues., 1-4 pm in Room 206 via Distance Learning. Instr. L. VanderWal. $45 March 6 (INSU5230) CRN#70304 INSURANCE – RESPONDING TO AUTO FRAUD. 3 Hour Ethics #32414-NE; General #82787G2/ #82848E1-IA. Auto fraud has an impact around the country. We review changing state law; highlight how fraud bureaus and investigative organizations combat fraud. Facilitate a discussion on the agent role in fraud and review multiple soft fraud cases to highlight how we can deter similar events from happening in our agencies. Wed., 9 am-12 pm in Room 206 via Distance Learning. Instr. L. VanderWal. $45 March 7 (INSU5235) CRN#70305 INSURANCE – CRIME INSURANCE OPTIONS. 3 Hour Property/Casualty #38200- NE; General #102595-IA. The course discusses the need for crime insurance and provides a general overview of endorsements, appropriate use and coverage choices. Wed., 1-4 pm in Room 206 via Distance Learning. Instr. L. VanderWal. $45 March 7 (INSU5240) CRN#70306 RETIREMENT PLANNING. Making your money last. Develop a strategy for retirement. Considerations include working longer, spending less and delaying social security. Discover ways to plan for expenses and insurance. Learn how to live on a fixed income, the advantages of laddering and how fixed income may be part of your investment strategy. Mon., 6-9 pm in Room 206. Instr. M. Bailey. $30 March 19 (FNPL5110) CRN#70170 HR CERTIFICATION PREPARATION. This class will provide instruction in the current Human Resource Management Body of Knowledge as identified by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). Participants will engage in discussion and complete questions representative of those likely to be on the HRCI Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) exam or the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) or Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) exams. This course will be offered via distance learning technology from South Sioux City and is designed to prepare for certification exam; the actual exam is not conducted in the class. For optimal benefit from the course, students should purchase (on their own) the “PHR Study Guide 2017” (ISBN: 978-1-63530-133- 5); available from a number of online retailers. Thurs., 6-8:30 pm in Room 222 via Distance Learning. Instr. Dr. C. Hanson. $150 March 22-April 26 (BSAD5310) CRN#70281 HEALTH, WELLNESS & SAFETY MEDICATION AIDE. This course is designed to prepare you to assume the role and responsibilities of a Medication Aide working in a nursing facility. This course includes information regarding medications, administration, pharmacology rules and regulations, classification of drugs, orders, storage, abbreviations, and an overview of commonly used drugs and documentation. Mon. and Thurs., 5-9 pm at St. Francis Memorial Hospital (first class meets at West Point Campus). Instr. M. Dickson. $340.50 tuition + $56.28 for textbook. April 5-May 7 (HLTH1120) CRN#24104 SELF DEFENSE FOR WOMEN. This class is designed to teach you how to deter and defend yourself from attackers and to ensure the ability to get away from an attack safely. You will perform hands-on techniques to develop simple, effective and retainable methods of self-defense. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing and proper foot attire. No jewelry-no exceptions. Wed., 6-9 pm at the West Point-Beemer High School Wrestling Room. Instr. C. Krause. $30 March 28 (HPER5120) CRN#70171 FUN & RECREATION HAND EMBROIDERY. Love working with your hands? Give embroidery a try! In this hands-on beginner’s class, you will walk through the basics from choosing fabrics and floss, to hooping up and crafting 10 beautiful stitches. Embroidery can be used in a number of different ways including hand towels, baby quilts, quilt blocks and so much more. Come learn and enjoy this meditative pastime. Call Connie for the supply list at 402-372-2004. Thurs., 6-8 pm in Room 201. Instr. C. Nebuda. $20 February 22 (HOEC5135) CRN#70147 CROCHET BASICS. Learn the stitches, tools, and techniques needed to get started with crochet. Join Carol as she provides step-by-step instructions for getting started – from selecting the right yarn and deciphering tricky yarn labels to properly holding your hook and working yarn. You’ll love Carol’s downto-earth approach as she teaches you a basic chain stitch and demonstrates single, double, and half-double crochet and slip stitch. Learn how to work in rows, keep your crochet on track, and troubleshoot rows gone wrong. Call Carol for supply list at 402-372-3748. Wed., 6:30-8 pm in Room 201. Instr. C. Schuetze. $30 February 21 and 28 (HOEC5130) CRN#70146 CANDY CREATIONS. Chocolate bunnies, golden sunflowers, chocolate covered cherries, peanut butter cups, caramels draped with chocolate and more. Learn how to make the decadent molded candy you crave, right at home! Discover the techniques to confidently work with chocolate/summer coatings. Tues., 6:30- 8:30 pm in Room 201. Instr. J. Mutzenberger. $25 February 27 (HOEC5100) CRN#70166 During the colder months, spend your time learning something new. It can be just for fun or for professional development. Either way, we know you’ll find one class that will definitely spark your interest! Go online and sign-up for one today! Visit DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY I. In this beginner digital photography course you will learn the basics of your digital camera. Learn the different controls and modes your camera has to offer as well as how to compose a good image. We will discuss the different brands of cameras as well as learn the various lens options. This class is the beginning of taking you from auto mode to full manual. Thurs., 6-9 pm in Room 207. Instr. E. Beutler. $30 March 8 (ARTS5105) CRN#70152 DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY II. In part II of the digital photography journey, you will build on what we learned in week 1 by becoming familiar with other photography gear like memory cards and batteries. Furthermore, you will learn about additional items such as umbrellas, flashes, soft boxes, and other photo gear. Again, join our instructor to learn all about your camera and the gear you can use to compose great shots! Thurs., 6-9 pm in Room 207. Instr. E. Beutler. $30 March 15 (ARTS 5305) CRN#70157 DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY III. Take what you learned and let’s go shoot! In the final part of the Digital Photography series, you will get to take what you’ve learned about ISO, aperture, and shutter speed to get yourself shooting in full manual mode. You will get to practice everything you learned during a real maternity shoot! The instructor will guide you as you learn to compose a good shot, work with lighting, and capture some great shots with your camera, all in full manual mode! Thurs., 6-9 pm at Erin Nicole Photography (203 Plaza Dr., West Point). Instr. E. Beutler. $30 March 22 (ARTS5500) CRN#70161 WELCOME DOOR HANGING. Join us in creating a versatile round wooden Hello or Welcome greeting sign for your front door that can hang all year round if wanted. All supplies are included in the cost of the class except the ribbon for the bow. We want your personality to show, so please bring one roll of ribbon of your choice (3 ft.). Ribbon with a wire edge or burlap works best. Mon., 6:30-9 pm in Room 207. Instr. M. Harriger. $34 March 12 (HOEC5135) CRN#70153 VIDEOGRAPHY. An introduction to single camera video production with in-class demonstrations & hands-on projects. Learn how to operate your video camera properly using the correct settings. Will also go over minimal post production, consisting of placing your video onto media for playback. Mon., 6:30-9:30 pm in Room 206. Instr. D. Buck. $30 March 26 (ARTS5143) CRN#70204 MOMMY AND ME SINGING. All children are musical! They are born with skills to excel in music, but this will diminish if the child is not exposed to different music techniques. According to leading early childhood researchers most musical skills are learned from birth to the age of nine. Children can still learn some musical skills after the age of nine, but sense of pitch and rhythm is established by age nine. To foster children’s pitch and rhythm, it is important to give them an environment of singing and moving. These classes will teach your child (and you!) simple songs, continuous movements, how to keep a beat, and rhymes. Age 2-Pre-K. Thurs. 5:30-6:30 pm at Guardian Angel Central Catholic Music Room. Instr. E. Stokely. $30 April 5, 12, and 19 (HORC5150) CRN#70269 SIGN LANGUAGE FOR FUN. In this introductory course to American Sign Language, you will learn the various beginning signs. This two session course will touch on manual finger spelling (alphabet), numbers, colors, people, place, and food signs. You will learn some basic conversation skills. Mon., 7-8:30 pm in Room 207. Instr. T. Recker. $30 April 9 and 16 (SIGN5100) CRN#70182 GRANDPARENT PICTURE HANGER. Who doesn’t like showing off pictures of their grandchildren? Come make a unique wooden hanger to display all of your special photos! Supply costs are included in the cost of the class. Wed., 6:30-9 pm in Room 207. Instr. M. Harriger. $30 April 11 (HOES5135) CRN#70185 TRANSPORTATION DRIVER’S EDUCATION. This is a Provisional Operators Permit Driver Training course for individuals 14-17 years old. Bring Learner’s or School permit to the first class. 20 hours of classroom and at least 6 hours of driving are required. Lecture Sat., 8 am-1 pm and Sun., 1-6 pm in Room 207. Driving experience will be arranged between student and instructor. Instr. D. Loofe. $295 (including book) April 7-15 (TRAN5110) CRN#70025/70026 SHARE YOUR TALENT Do you have a hobby or talent you want to share with others and get paid while doing so? We are seeking individuals who want to share their talents with others, either through a credit or non-credit class. If you have a special skill to share or if you have upper graduate credentials, please contact Kacie or Lynn at 402-372-2269 for more information about these opportunities. REGISTER TODAY! Call: 402-372-2269 Stop In: 202 Anna Stalp Ave. Email: Request for refunds must be made through the Center for Enterprise (402-844-7245) or the West Point Extended Campus director (402-372-2269) 24 hours prior to the first class meeting. Material fees are not refundable except in courses cancelled by the College. Northeast does not discriminate based upon any status protected by law or college policy. Please go to for details.

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