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The Mansion - Features

p R e a l E s t a t e f

p R e a l E s t a t e f e a t u r e s Palazzetto inside Palazzo Albertoni Spinola q Three units-apartments with maximum flexibility of use, which are independent real estate units and at the same time connected to each other, forming an unic fabolous mansion. Privacy and seven entrances. The “chameleonic” quality of a property, both at the urban-legal and the physical levels, that features multiple entrances and thus constitutes one and at the same time multiple units that are completely autonomous, hence the emphasis on “privacy” but at the same time the usability of the common monumental areas. The possibility of touristic-residential use and therefore of the development of projects that are particularly profitable and that, thanks to current regulations on the matter, can be carried out without altering the urban physiognomy, thus allowing for private residential use at any moment. The general prestige of the property protected by italian goverment and its common monumental areas. The location at the historic heart of Rome, Unesco Heritage. The recent roster of prestigious residents. The amenities available to each suite-apartment and the rarity of such offering. Four parking spaces available in the courtyard of the building. Low property taxes based on Italian tax law.

p A r t w o r k f e a t u r e s Palazzetto inside Palazzo Albertoni Spinola q An architectural masterpiece erected by men of genius. Both the project and its execution bear the mark of two great 17th century architects in Rome: Giacomo della Porta and Girolamo Rainaldi. t They created and maintained a direct view of the entry of Santa Maria (which is the Campitelli Church located in front of the Palazzo Albertoni Spinola) from the original door of the Palazzetto, despite having built the great Palazzo in front of what preexisted building. t They integrated the new construction into the ancient preexisting Palazzetto, allowing this unit to extend and merge into the new construction without being able to recognize that you are in one side or in the other part of the Palazzo. t They have made possible the use of the old roof secret garden of the Palazzetto with the first floor of the Palazzo, making this unit a unique property of its kind.