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Technical Steps to Install Norton Mobile Security on Android Phone

There are many distinct ways for starting the installation of Norton Security Software onto your Android-based device. To know more about it, feel free to contact at Norton Antivirus Number 1-800-589-0948 which is available 24/7 for complete help.

Technical Steps to Install Norton Mobile Security on Android

ong>Technicalong> ong>Stepsong> ong>toong> ong>Installong> Norong>toong>n ong>Mobileong> ong>Securityong> on Android Phone As a user of Norong>toong>n ong>Mobileong> ong>Securityong>, if you want ong>toong> install it on your Android Phone, then follow the steps mentioned below- There are two distinct ways for starting the installation of Norong>toong>n ong>Securityong> Software onong>toong> your Androidbased device. To have a brief description, feel free ong>toong> contact at Norong>toong>n Antivirus Number. Below is the tuong>toong>rial, you can find one of the best methods with steps by step instructions- On your Android device, launch the Play Song>toong>re app First, you need ong>toong> search for Norong>toong>n ong>Securityong> and Antivirus, and then simply choose the Norong>toong>n app from the search results In the next step, tap ong>Installong>, and then tap “Accept” ong>toong> install the app Once the installation finishes, click “Open” After this, you need ong>toong> read and accept the Norong>toong>n License Agreement and Terms of Use, and Norong>toong>n ong>Mobileong> Privacy Policy Click “Continue” for further preference Norong>toong>n ong>Mobileong> ong>Securityong> completes the early setup and then runs LiveUpdate, Anti-Malware scan, and App Adviser scan as well. Once the process is complete, you need ong>toong> sign in ong>toong> your Norong>toong>n account ong>toong> make use of all the features of Norong>toong>n ong>Mobileong> ong>Securityong> Now in the ong>toong>p-left corner, simply click the menu icon and then click “Sign in” and then type your Norong>toong>n account email address and password At the end ensure ong>toong> use the same email address and password that was used ong>toong> purchase Norong>toong>n ong>Mobileong> ong>Securityong> or your Norong>toong>n product that includes Norong>toong>n ong>Mobileong> ong>Securityong>

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