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VSA Booklet 2018:19

Veteran Study Abroad

Veteran Study Abroad (VSA) Where you can Study 10

Veteran Study Abroad (VSA) Differences in Education 9 Ireland has to be the most warm welcoming country we work with. The people are friendly and accommodating, the music is rich and historic, and the beer is strong and smooth. Do not study here if your goal is to party at the club every weekend. The true heart of Ireland, and the magic, is in the people and family-run pubs. If you are the type of person who likes smaller pubs filled with groups of friendly people, Ireland is for you. Why study here: One of the friendliest countries in the world - Ireland is without a doubt one of the nicest countries you could visit. Australia would most likely top the list, but Ireland is easily the runner up. Walk into many pubs and all you'll find are friendly locals willing to chat with you about anything; provided you're able to understand everything they say! Incredible music - Ireland is known for live music. If you are a fan of folk-style music and singing along while drinking a Guinness, you need to be in Ireland. The Temple Bar area in Dublin is famous for live music and drinks. Cheap travel - As with the other countries in our list, Ireland is placed in a perfect place for travel. If you'd like to do a vacation to London for the weekend, a return ticket may only cost £25. 11

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