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VSA Booklet 2018:19

12 Veteran Study Abroad

12 Veteran Study Abroad (VSA) What you SHOULDN’T Study What you SHOULDN’T Study Although there are countless degree options in the UK (and other countries), there are some degrees that you should not pursue outside of America. These courses include programs that are highly regulated, that eventually involve you challenging a board of some kind. Mainly, we will discuss Law and Medicine. Law Many budding lawyers look into studying abroad. Law courses are quicker outside of America (4 years total in the UK), and always cheaper. However, law courses are also highly regulated. Even though the American legal system evolved from the UK’s, you will still be expected to pass the American Bar exam. Getting to that exam requires a large amount of required education. You will not be able to use your UK law degree to challenge the Bar in America, in most cases, without further education in America. Our Suggestion If you want to become a lawyer in America, study in America. However, if you would like to live and practice law in the UK, feel free to do it! It is an amazing degree choice; and a highly rewarding career in the future.

Veteran Study Abroad (VSA) What you SHOULDN’T Study 13 Medicine Although not impossible, it is very difficult for foreign trained doctors to work in America. If you have completed your education outside of America, you will be presented with a number of hoops (even more than normal medical students) which could take you years to jump through. Also, medical school in the UK is incredibly expensive, and you will not have access to the Yellow Ribbon Program* as you would in the States. This would leave you in a more difficult situation than most newly graduated would-be doctors. Our Suggestion As with law, if you want to study medicine please study where you want to practice. This will help you finish your degree on time and start seeing patients as soon as possible. *If you are unaware of this program, give it a Google! If you are worried about your course of choice, feel free to get in touch with us to ask any questions. 707-VSA-PLAN,

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