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VSA Booklet 2018:19

14 Veteran Study Abroad

14 Veteran Study Abroad (VSA) How to Apply How to Apply’s easy! Step 1 - Get in Touch With Us. First, you must contact us at (707)VSA-PLAN to start planning your overseas education. We like to speak with our students directly to get a feel for what their interests are, and what their goals are for their education. You can also email us at or submit an online enquiry at Step 2 - Decide what and where you would like to study. You have multiple universities and countries to choose from. As well as a nearly countless list of degrees. We have everything you’d want! Step 3 - Complete Your University Application We will help with this. All you have to do is follow our directions and it’s a quick and painless step! Step 4 - Complete Your Student Visa Application Just like the university application, this is simple. Just listen to us and you’ll have your visa in no time! Step 5 - Book Your Flights We always recommend our students purchase their flights from This site is amazing for cheap flights. Also, we will reimburse you £100 ($140) for your flights after you begin your course. So you will make some of this money back - How great is that!? 16


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