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VSA Booklet 2018:19

Veteran Study Abroad

Veteran Study Abroad (VSA) Why Work With VSA? 6 Reasons to use 1. It’s Completely Free! Yes, you read that right: all of VSA’s services are completely free of charge for our fellow Veterans. We will never ask you to pay us directly for any of our services. Our goal is to make the transition to studying overseas as stress-free and affordable as possible for you. In most cases you will also not pay any tuition costs. We aim to work with universities that reputable as well as affordable, in that order. You will receive a fantastic education, while not having to worry at all about tuition. 2. Veteran Education Professionals.

Veteran Study Abroad (VSA) Why Work With VSA? 5 4. Partial Airfare Reimbursement. Those using VSA services in 2018/19 will benefit from a partial reimbursement of their flights. All of those who use VSA and purchase their tickets through will receive a £100 reimbursement after payment is received from your university. Visa fees and other moving costs can add up, but we want to help you make it manageable. So rest assured that you’ll be getting a part of the costs back to you! 5. We Know What Schools Want. Do you know the best ways to get accepted into foreign universities? We do. We know the ins-and outs of the university application process, and can guide you through every step, including writing your Personal Statement (which is the most important part, after grades). With our help, your chances of a being accepted are incredibly high...which brings us to our last point... 6. 100% Acceptance Rating Of all the students we have helped, ALL have been accepted into their course of choice. We have even been able to get Veterans accepted into master’s degree programs with nothing more than their military experience and an associate’s degree...completely skipping a bachelor’s degree! We can help you as well, and we are excited to get started! Are you? THAT’S why. 7

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