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Floyd County Annual Report 2017 (combined)


ELECTIONS In 2017 the Floyd County Board of Elections conducted a municipal election for the Rome City Commission and a county wide election for SPLOST and E-SPLOST which allowed nearly 48,691 voters to participate. The Board also worked to become more efficient in their operations. They executed a new ballot-on-demand agreement to start printing ballots on site which reduced paper ballot costs by more than 90%. The board also achieved certification status as Georgia Election Officials and served as a pilot county for testing new processes for the state wide voter registration system. 22 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Floyd County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) & Communications work hand in hand to prepare our citizens in the case of a disaster. Communications is a sub-department of EMA and their primary responsibility is the operation and management of the Floyd County Public Safety radio system. In 2017, this included the negotiation of an agreement with T-Mobile to rent tower space on a telecommunications tower owned by Floyd County. This revenue helps offset the cost of the radio system operations. The Floyd County EMA hosted two training events in 2017: the deaf CERT class in August had 17 participants. Deaf CERT offered local citizens of the deaf community an opportunity to receive preparedness training and become certified as Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members so they can assist their neighbors and friends during times of disaster or emergencies. Floyd County EMA also partnered with the Rome Braves to host their annual Preparedness Night at State Mutual Stadium which kicked off September Preparedness Month in Georgia. Over 2,000 people were reached through this exercise. Floyd County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) had three partial activations during Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and on December 8, 2017 for a snow storm. All activations totaled 36 hours of monitoring. 23 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT

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