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Floyd County Annual Report 2017 (combined)


FORUM RIVER CENTER The Forum officially became the Forum River Center in 2017. The partnership between Floyd County and Safari Hospitality completed its first year along with Safari overseeing the management and booking for the venue. Money collected through the 2013 SPLOST allowed for much needed renovation to the building to upgrade the facility. These renovations included remodeling the main ballroom and upstairs meeting rooms, adding way finding monitors throughout the building, replacing carpet, painting and renovating bathrooms, and adding chandeliers to the arena. Previously two video curtains had been added to the arena along with a new concession stand in the main concourse. The future is bright for the new Forum River Center. 30 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT

HUMAN RESOURCES & RISK MANAGEMENT In 2017, Floyd County Human Resources began a new era with its first new director in 30 years. The change in leadership brought with it a new focus for the department. These accomplishments include: • Enhanced files and office security to best practice standards • Assessed and made needed changes to worker’s compensation panel • Initiated and executed the Georgia SAVE program for all applicants • Awarded 10% discount for ACCG safety program compliance • Updated the employee drug policy • Renewed with the state of Georgia as a drug free workplace • Developed a new performance management system focused on future performance and employee development • Created Jail Officer Job Orientation to enhance participation and retention with Jail staff • 1,700 hours of training provided to the County workforce to drive compliance, safety, and an improved work/life balance • Trained timekeepers on Fair Labor Standards Act compliance and process efficiencies • Established source relationships with Northwest Georgia Technical College, Georgia Highlands, Rome Housing Authority, Rome National Guard Center, and Fort Benning Army Base for recruiting purposes 31 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT

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