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Floyd County Annual Report 2017 (combined)


JUDICIAL SERVICES The Superior Court’s newest accountability court, the Floyd County Felony Drug Court, began operation in July 2017. Chaquita Swan Crawford was named as Drug Court Coordinator for the program and there are currently nine participants registered in the program. It is anticipated that as the Drug Court progresses, 70-80 participants will be served on an annual basis. The Drug Court utilizes a multi-disciplinary team approach to ensure public safety and rehabilitation to its participants. Team members include the coordinator, the Judge (Tami Colston), the Sheriff’s Office (Whitney Downs), probation (Chad Scoggins), the District Attorney’s office (Mary Beth Gregoire), and representatives from Highland Rivers who provide treatment. The Felony Drug Court provides intervention to those with substance abuse issues. It provides the structure and treatment which addresses these issues so participants can lead productive and meaningful lives by emphasizing “accountability” for all of the participant’s actions. Drug Courts have a proven track record of substantially reducing recidivism. This is done by providing supervision, substance abuse treatment, and reinforcement through a structured, incentive/sanction model. Floyd County’s Mental Health Court, in operation since July 2015, held its first graduation ceremony in October of 2017. The Mental Health Court works with an interdisciplinary team that consists of a judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, mental health provider, law enforcement, probation, and coordinator to ensure systematic, early identification, and early engagement of the target population. The Mental Health Court offers and/or collaborates with community partners to offer a comprehensive range of mental health treatment services. These services include group counseling, individual counseling, drug testing, psychosocial rehabilitation, family support, and medication management. 32 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT

JUDICIAL SERVICES (CONTINUED) In 2017, Floyd County Juvenile Court Judge Greg Price became one of only three Juvenile Judges in the State of Georgia to receive national certification as a specialist in Child Welfare Law. The NACC in collaboration with the American Bar Association granted Judge Price National Certification as a Child Welfare Law Specialist (CWLS). There are only 590 attorneys/judges in the United States who have achieved the CWLS status. Floyd County’s Club ONE80 was also created in 2017. This after-school program was created to help steer local youth who are headed down the wrong path back to the road to success. Club ONE80 is coordinated by the Rome-Floyd County Commission on Children and Youth. It serves youth identified and assessed by the Floyd County Juvenile Court and the club meets in space provided by First Presbyterian Church and offers a variety of services including tutoring, mentoring, life skills classes, and other services based on the needs of the youth. The Floyd County Victim Witness Department assisted 3,021 victims in 2017 and had 23,196 victim contacts with those victims. Victim contacts include accompanying victim’s to court for various proceedings, making initial contact with victims, speaking with victims by phone and making appropriate referrals, meeting with victims to discuss their case and services we offer, and mailing notification letters about upcoming court proceedings and the rights they have as a victim. The department received a total of $202,473.00 in VOCA grant funding. These funds are used to employ four out of the six victim advocates in the program. 599 marriage licenses were issued by the Floyd County Probate Court in 2017 33 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT Did You Know...

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