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Floyd County Annual Report 2017 (combined)


LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS In November 2017, the Floyd County Board of Commissioners met with local legislative representatives. Senator Chuck Hufstetler and Representatives Katie Dempsey and Eddie Lumsden were in attendance. This annual meeting allows the Board of Commission to address their concerns with our local delegation. This year’s topics included: Tax Reform - Local Sales Tax is the second largest revenue source and Floyd County is continuing to struggle. Floyd is last in sales tax growth in Northwest Georgia at 1.1% through October (at the time of the meeting) and we continue to have no useable data to help identify where the loss is going or if we are collecting from all sources. There is currently no way to plan for any gains or losses with the information provided. TAVT Reforms - Floyd County is losing ad valorem on vehicles faster than TAVT is growing. The budgeted decrease for ad valorem in 2018 is $175,000.00 while TAVT has only increased by $80,000.00. Balanced Funding of the E-911 System - Bringing parity to E-911 fees collected, $1.50 per month or per transaction and eliminate the cost recovery fee. Per Diem for State Prisoners at CI and Jails - Increase the per diem for County Correctional Institutes from $20 to $25 per day to offset the increases in operations expenses. There have been no increases in eighteen years (1999). Right-of-Way Preemptions/Mandates - Floyd County supports working with the state and telecom companies in expanding broadband and the local management of public right-of-ways, but the County does not support unfettered access. Bartow/Floyd Development Corridor Progress - Floyd County fully supports the Georgia Department of Transportation’s progress on the Development Corridor. Fees on Property Tax Bills - Currently, the only other item on the Floyd County property tax bill is our “Street Light Districts.” Through County ordinance the County provides street light districts that pay a pass through bill based on the annual power bill divided by the owner’s deed footage. This rate was $0.53 per deed foot for any properties in a defined street light district. If this is not allowed to be on the property tax bill, there will be no way to ensure collection of these fees. Adding this expense to the millage rate will require citizens to pay for street lighting in some cases where no lighting is provided. The County will have no recourse in collecting these pass through fees if not paid by the direct recipient of the service. The only way to eliminate the expense would be to disconnect the lights which defeats the purpose of providing them for public safety. 36 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT

IT / GIS In 2017, Information Technology (IT) replaced all network switches. Most of the switches were approximately ten years old and many had fans that were no longer working which caused overheating. IT replaced all the switches used in the entire organization. As part of this project, IT ran fiber from the deed room to the data closet and extended the cabling in the Juvenile Court to the second floor data closet to increase their network speed. All full-time employees received an email address in 2017. This allows everyone in the organization to have up to date information whether they work in an office or drive a bulldozer. All projects completed by IT were: • Digital way finding software and managed wifi for the Forum River Center • Completion of fiber connection to downtown, managed wifi and helping with IT and VOIP phones set up for the new P.A.W.S. and Special Ops facility • Managed wifi for Juvenile Court • Technology setup for new County Morgue Rome Floyd GIS created a Communications Tower app. This GIS application allows anyone to research communication tower locations in Floyd County. It provides the name of the tower owner, along with a link to the FCC database for more information about the tower. Now, when companies apply for a construction permit for a new tower, the department can check the app to see if another tower fits the company’s parameters. If one does exist, then GIS can ask that they attempt to lease space on the existing tower without having to build a new one. 37 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT

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