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Floyd County Annual Report 2017 (combined)


PUBLIC WORKS Floyd County Public Works stayed extremely busy in 2017 with several large projects. They completed a project for the State this fall at the Department of Drivers Services in Armuchee. This project required a reclamation of the existing parking lot to handle heavy trucks and then resurfacing. The State provided the funds and Floyd County Public Works coordinated the reclamation and did the paving. The project created a commercial driver's license test site for Floyd County. Public Works received two grants from the State with a concentration on safety on local roads. The first project, valued at $400,000.00, provided roughly 100 miles of thermoplastic striping on county roads and will be completed in the spring of 2018. The second project purchased 2,320 feet of guardrail and more than 1,000 breakaway posts to replace the traditional U-Channel posts. This project should be completed in summer of 2018. The department also secured a “free bridge” through the Low Impact Bridge Program for Booger Hollow Road. Over the past summer, Floyd County Public Works provided curbside collection in the Lindale mill village. Over 50,000 pounds of material were collected. This equaled a collective savings of $2,000.00 in tip fees for the residents. In 2017, Public Works spent $320,000.00 on equipment, $1,128,000.00 on paving, and $135,000.00 on road prep and drainage. Over seventeen miles of roads were resurfaced in the County and over five and a half miles were resurfaced in the City of Rome. The department completed the paving and striping of the Coosa High School parking lot and driveways and completed the demolition of the old Johnson School. The Floyd County Public Works department received over 4,300 work orders in 2017. Approximately 75% of these work orders were received from citizens. Public Works striped 130.5 miles of center line and 33.07 miles of edge lines throughout Floyd County. The sign shop manufactured 259 signs, installed 108, and repaired 2,879. Public Works completed shoulder upgrades totaling 12.2 miles and upgraded approximately 500 mailbox tie-ins for the year. 40 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT

RECYCLING In 2017, the Floyd County Board of Commissioners approved a lease agreement to relocate the Rome- Floyd Recycling Center from North Rome to Lavender Drive. Currently, work is being finished on the building to upgrade the utilities and install equipment upgrades to allow the Recycling Center to process more material than is possible currently in North Rome. In addition, all of the process will be indoors which will be better for the community from an aesthetics point of view, the production process itself and especially in regards to security. 41 2017 FLOYD COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT

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