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6 F e b r u a r y 1 5 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o n a t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w For Sale By Tender The following land within the County of Stettler No. 6 is offered for sale by tender, subject to restrictions in the existing Certificates of Title: That portion of the NE 1/4 of 15-35-19-W4 which lies to the south of the limit of roadway plan 2405EO excepting thereout: 0.858 hectares (2.12 acres) more or less taken for roadway plan 3634CL excepting thereout all mines and minerals and the right to work the same Containing 115.40 acres ± of native grassland. Interested parties may receive a Tender package from Herman, Kloot & Company at 98 – 3 Avenue West, PO Box 970, Drumheller, Alberta, T0J 0Y0 which will detail terms of the sale and requirements of Tenderer. Please request Tender Package for “File # 17-17218”. Tenders close at 12:00 noon, March 16, 2018. LANDS FOR SALE BY TENDER Aaron and Carrie Compton hereby offer for sale by tender the following briefly described property subject to the reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in the existing certificates of title but clear of financial liens: SE 25-35-14 W4, containing 157.57 acres more or less; and NE 25-35-14 W4, containing 157.52 acres more or less Features of this property: - 1830 sq. ft. house built in 1980’s, 40’ X 60’ steel quonset and 20’ X 30’ barn with corrals located on SE 1/4; house and buildings available for viewing by appointment - both quarters are pasture - 1/3 native and 2/3 tame - 3 dugouts; cross fenced - If a party is interested in buying the residential portion only, seller is willing to consider subdividing - Surface leases are in the process of being reclaimed The sale of the Lands is subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned: 1. Vendor makes no warranties or representations about the property’s size/measurement, condition or environmental status. 2. Fridge, Stove, Washer, Dryer included. 3. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. Tender price shall be excluding G.S.T. 4. Tenders will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after 12:00 o’clock noon on Thursday, March 22, 2018. Tenders should be forwarded to Landman Reule Law Office in a sealed envelope marked “Compton Tenders”. A certified cheque equal to 10% of the purchase price payable to Landman Reule Law Office must accompany the tender. 5. The balance of the purchase price to be paid by solicitor’s trust cheque or certified funds on or before May 30th, 2018 (“Possession Date”). 6. Property taxes to be adjusted as of Possession Date. 7. Any surface leases will be assigned to the purchaser and adjusted as at Possession Date. 8. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Please provide contact information, including a phone number, with the tender. For viewing or further information, contact Aaron at 403-578-6113. LANDMAN REULE LAW OFFICE Lori R. Reule Barrister & Solicitor 4819 - 51 Street, Box 1630 Stettler, Alberta TOC 2LO A G r i c u L t u r e Revised chicken bylaw moves ahead Lisa Joy ECA Review Alix residents can have chickens soon in residential areas only after council gave first reading to a revised bylaw regulating chickens and coops in the village. Council considered allowing chickens in agricultural and urban reserve districts but decided, during their regular meeting Feb. 7, to only allow them in residential districts. “This fits with what I’m hearing from council,” said Alix’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michelle White told council when presenting them their options. She provided three options including: in residential only; in any district other than commercial or industrial; or in residential and agricultural and urban reserve areas. During council’s Jan. 17 meeting council declined giving the bylaw second reading in order for CAO White to revise the draft bylaw to include suggestions council made, such as the distance for setbacks of coops from fences or houses and which districts they should be allowed. KOPJAR SEED LTD. BOX 8 ROWLEY, AB. T0J 2X0 Pedigree Seed WHEAT: HRSW: AAC Brandon – AC Carberry CPSR: AC Ryley MALT BARLEY: CDC Copeland – CDC Bow FEED BARLEY: CDC Austenson PEAS: CDC Saffron CDC Spectrum for 2019 OATS: CDC Morgan PHONE: 403-368-2409 CELL: 403-321-0237 FAX: 403-368-2410 alix council CAO White also revised the draft bylaw to change the definition ‘keep’ to ‘possess.’ The bylaw was also amended to ensure a coop is housed in the rear or side yard of a property. The village allowed a temporary chicken coop but it’s currently located in an urban reserve district. A public hearing will be held for the bylaw but no date has been set yet. Fire chief appointment Village council approved the Alix Fire Department’s re-election of Fire Chief Darren Hiron. Corrie Anderson and Ken Anderson were re-elected as deputy fire chiefs. Joyce Simard will continue as treasurer; Holly Plunkett will continue as secretary; and Ian Andrews will continue as Member of the Floor. Other appointed positions include: Fire Training Officer – Ken Henry; Lieutenant – Scott Stadynk; Equipment Managers – Cody Kromm and Al Zimmer; Medical Captains – Jill Hillman and Trish Verveda; and Fire Trainer – Ken Henry. Auditor presentation Daniel Luymes, of BDO in Lacombe, educated the new council for more than an hour on BDO’s role as the village’s financial auditor and the audit process and gave councillors the chance to ask questions. Vanfield Tubgrinding Ltd operating out of Delia and Bashaw Serving central, east-central and southern Alberta Three 500 hp grinders with grinding screens from 1/8” up to 7” For details or bookings, call Rick 403-741-6279 PASTURE LAND FOR SALE BY TENDER 4 MILES NORTH AND 3 MILES WEST OF EDGERTON, ALBERTA The following lands are offered for sale by tender subject to the Encumbrances and interests as are recorded on the existing Certificates of title: NE 20-44-4-W4M CONTAINING 158.85 ACRES MORE OR LESS; NATIVE PASTURE ONE SURFACE LEASE - ANNUAL RENT $3,220.00 SE 20-44-4-W4M CONTAINING 159.88 ACRES MORE OR LESS; NATIVE PASTURE 2 SURFACE LEASES - ANNUAL RENT $6,135.00 RIBSTONE CREEK GOES THROUGH PROPERTY. SOME MEADOW CAN BE HAYED Mineral rights are not included in the sale. The E 1/2 20-44-4-W4M is fenced around the perimeter. No fence between the two quarters. The surface rents to be assigned to the purchaser but no adjustment of any surface rent paid prior to possession date. The purchaser must be a GST registrant and shall be responsible for GST. For enquiries call martin at 306-830-2305. Bids will be considered on the total package or by individual quarter section. The highest and/or any bid will not necessarily be accepted. If the successful bidder does not complete the purchase after the acceptance of the tender, the deposit shall be forfeited. Cheques of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned to them. Tenders in sealed envelopes marked TENDER WILKINSON LANDS are to be received by 10:00 A.M. on April 9, 2018 in the office of NICKERSON ROBERTS HOLINSKI & MERCER, 608 - 10 Street, Wainwright, Alberta, T9W 1E2 and be accompanied by a certified cheque or bank draft in the amount of 10 per cent of the value of the bid payable in trust to NICKERSON ROBERTS HOLINSKI & MERCER, BARRISTERS AND SOLICITORS. The sale and full payment would be completed not later than May 15, 2018. Provost Livestock Exchange The Livestock Market Serving Eastern Alberta and Western Saskatchewan BRED COW SALE FEBRUARY 21, 2018 @ NOON Royce Viklund – 60 BLK & BWF & BBF Bred Black Angus Creech Bulls -Turned out June 20th Consisiting of: 20 Heifers, 20 2nd Calvers, 20 3rd to 6th Calvers. Full Vaccination Program, IBR, Bovi-Shield Gold OneShot, 8-Way, Anthrax, Ivomec & 2:1 Free Choice Mineral Dean Manning – 20 Cows, Bred Simmental – June 1st to August 4th. Full Vaccination Program, Bovi-Shield Gold, Ultra Choice 8, & 1st Round of Scour Boss Reid McLeod – 70 First Calf Heifers Consisting of: -55 Charolais Heifers, Bred to Low Birthweight Red Gelbvieh. -15 Black Heifers, Bred to Low Birthweight Black Angus Bulls Turned out June 15th, Full Herd Health & Mineral Program Andy Zacharias – 30 Red Angus 2nd Calvers, Bred Red Angus & H2 Mack Creech Bulls June 20th Brad McCubbing – 44 Bred Simmental Cross Heifers Consisting of: 28 Red & 16 Black, Bred Black Angus Bulls June 9th Blake Jeffries: 140 Black Angus Heifers, 50% from One Ranch, Bred to Low Birth Weight Black Angus Bulls From Sandy Bar Angus, Turned out June 28th, Pulled September 15th. Ivomeced in the Fall Cromerty Land & Cattle: 25 Black Simmental Cross Heifers, Bred Black Angus Bulls June 12th Robert Murray- Complete Herd Dispersal, 60 Red & Black Angus Cows Bred Black Angus Bulls July 1st For more information and pictures view our website: DLMS on Farm Internet Sales Every Thursday @ 10AM Provost Livestock Exchange Ph 780-753-2369 • Fax 780-753-2493 • • Jerry Hewson (306)-753-7788 Dean Lawes (780)-753-0803 Darcy Lakevold (780)-753-8669 Casey Lawes (780)-753-1466 Wayne Black (403)-575-0200 Jesse Lawes (780)-753-8590

R e a l E s t a t e / H o m e s E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b F e b r u a r y 1 5 ' 1 8 7 ‘Negotiating Renewable Energy Leases’ second edition available Cont’d from Pg 5 Before companies even approach a landowner, they have done all the environmental, water assessments, etc. required by Alberta Environment, so you should try and negotiate access to all these reports. • Tax & Land Sale implications: Have your accountant look at the tax implications and a property assessor look at future sale of the land, or transferring to future generations. Property Easement: When asked about easements on the entire quarter of land, Del Colle confirmed, “What they like to do is take an option on the entire section but the placement of it [wind generators] can be determined.” She went on to say, “Alberta Utililites Commission (AUC) who have the final say, is, in some applications doing a two phase approval at the hearings, first for the project itself and that is when landowners need to get involved if you have concerns where future placement might be.” “You need to put forward your concerns and objections [to the AUC] at that point,” she said. “Work with the company so you can figure out exactly where the placement will be but they can take that whole easement, so that’s what I’m saying, you’re really entering into a relationship with a company that’s going to last 20-30- 40-60 years and there’s no getting out of it, so you’re now going to be asking them permission for what you are going to be doing on your land”. Make sure clauses are in the contract “to protect yourself so the company can’t use your land for their collateral”. “They’ll put a caveat on your land title like the oil and gas companies but they shouldn’t be using it to finance their project. “Find out your borrowing rights using this property for collateral with the easements by renewable energy companies,” said Del Colle. “Your land is now tied up,” said Del Colle, “you have to ask them permission, ‘Can I do this?’ ” The renewable energy developer will examine other encumbrances on the title, such as leases or rights-of-way for pipelines or well sites. Each licensed development has associated setbacks that will need to be observed. “As a landowner, you should be aware of any other caveats on your land title and ensure that the developer has an understanding of the other infractures on the land. “Be careful that you are not giving the operator the right to remove obstructions, unless you intend to do so.” • Rates: Three options most often, are Fixed, Variable and Fixed Plus Variable, which the latter FAO recommends. Wind generator blade broken off at wind farms in Palm Springs, CA. and a structure in the background with no blades December 2017. ECA Review/J.Webster Fixed is set for the lifetime of the contract whether producing electricity or not but Variable is paid according to power produced and could initially result in higher revenue. However, if the turbines are not producing power, then there is no revenue. If, at end of life especially, the turbines are not operating, on Variable you get nothing, so that is why FAO suggests a combined Fixed Plus Variable rate. “ You’re really entering into a relationship with a company that’s going to last 20-30-40-60 years and there’s no getting out of it, so you’re now going to be asking them permission for what you are going to be doing on your land. • Insolvency: One resident in attendance expressed concern that the biggest problem with these projects was insolvency of companies. “Potentially they could make all the money and then walk away by just saying they can’t afford to take them down. They take the easy way out from the expense of reclamation, restructuring or re-fitting by declaring bankruptcy and not being responsible for the unsightly things.” Unlike oil and gas companies who contribute under an Orphan Well Act, there is nothing in place if these companies declare insolvency. Del Colle agreed landowners must be prepared that they could become insolvent stating, although the government vets the companies of the initial projects, there is no vetting for buyouts from other companies which is a concern. “There are a lot of foreign entities coming into Alberta so it is really necessary to do your due diligence”. “Look to the proven successful companies, look to see whose backing them,” said Del Colle. Expropriation: Although the land can not be expropriated for the wind or solar farms or for the power lines going to the substation, expropriation can occur for transmission lines going from the substation to the grid. “Participation is 100 per cent voluntary but neighbours could be affected by those lines even if they do not have wind generators or solar on their land.” Del Colle urged landowners to take into consideration, that “if you decline interest, the developer may find an alternative location, and the new spot may be located nearby, in which case you would experience the impacts without any offsetting revenue”. Community: Don’t allow these companies to pit neighbour against neighbour, she urged. “This is a community decision, you have to talk to your community, know what’s there because you might be saying yes to the power plant but your neighbour could be affected. Hold them [companies] to a higher standard,” she said. “Assure yourself and neighbours that there is a pooling compensation built into the contract for adjacent landowners,” said Del Colle. Work with the company to figure out placement of the wind generators away from neighbouring property lines who aren’t part of the project, and ensure it’s in the contract. • Gaps in policy: There are lots of gaps in the policies, but the government needs to weigh the right of the landowner who wants them and the landowner who doesn’t,” stated Del Colle. “It’s respecting the people who do want that resource, it’s a balance. “ “It seems strange,” said one resident, “that they [government] have allowed to start without a reclamation plan, no accountability.” The gap has been identified and they are working on regulations and many other legal issues, said Del Colle. When asked why the government doesn’t allow wind turbines on crown land, Del Colle replied, the government is looking at it. Del Colle sits on several advisory communities as an entity for the Minister of Agriculture however, the renewable energy falls under the Ministry of Alberta “ Environment and Parks. Del Colle advises landowners to get a copy of the Second Edition of the Negotiating Renewable Energy Leases and sign up for the emails at www. farmersadvocate@gov. She also noted that landowners need to push their MLA’s and the Premier to Prairie Land Regional Division #25 Teacherage for Rent AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY 2-bedroom duplex in Consort, Alberta. * Above property includes: stove, fridge, washer and dryer * For further information, please contact: Kent Spath – Director of Plant Phone (403) 854-4481, Extension #0706 Dark Knight Electric EDGERTON ELECTRICAL SERVICES Residential & Commercial Electrical Solutions Dane Jackson BOX 996 CASTOR,AB 403-740-4812 T0C 0X0 Kyle McBride Journeyman/Master Electrician 780-755-3989 Cell: 780-806-0111 Fax: 780-755-2204 Paintearth Lodge One Month Free upon signing a three month lease agreement by Feb. 26th Paintearth Lodge has several different suites available for immediate occupancy Ranging in price from $1,225 – $1,720 • Carpet • Area Rugs • Linoleum • Tile • Laminate • Hardwood For more information or to tour Call 403-882-3244 and ask for Jacque Largest Selection of close the many gaps that exist for renewable energy companies as new legislation is very slow moving. Solar and wind leases provide an opportunity to earn extra income for the landowner. “You have the right to say “no” and if you say “yes”, get a lawyer,” reiterated Michele Del Colle. (780) 753-2960 Provost, AB Customer Satisfaction is our business

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