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Purchasing A Home

Your guide to purchasing a home with Masha Halpern - Boutique Real Estate with Keller Williams United. Serving Chapel Hill & Durham, NC and surrounding areas.

What’s A Buyer’s

What’s A Buyer’s Agent WHAT IS A BUYER'S AGENT & WHY DO I NEED A BUYER’S AGENT? “Communicate, Defend, and Guide” In the past if a buyer worked with a Realtor to find them a home, that agent always represented the seller. This is called “Seller- SubAgency”. That meant that the agent had fiduciary duties to the seller. Even if you worked closely with the agent, they were obligated to negotiate in the interest of the seller. In 1992 North Carolina changed things for buyers and since then any buyer can put the Realtor exclusively in their corner. You can have representation by Masha as YOUR “ Buyer Agent”. YOU CAN HIRE MASHA TO BE YOUR BUYER’S AGENT And you would not be the first to do so. In fact, over the past decade 100% of buyers who have selected Masha Halpern to be their agent hired her to be their ‘buyer’s agent” and negotiate on their behalf - and many saved thousands of dollars, earned instant equity in their new home; and so could you! Masha and her team would be pleased to serve you in this capacity. HOW DO WE HIRE MASHA HALPERN & BOUTIQUE REAL ESTATE? The simple answer is we complete the NC Real Estate Commission’s Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement so that we would become YOUR agent and work diligently to locate and secure your next home! A Buyer Specialist is paid from the proceeds of the real estate transaction so there is no fee extra fee to you for this service. Under this Agency Contract Masha’s Fiduciary Duties would match those in the chart below under the BUYER AGENT column. As Your Buyer’s Specialist Masha Will Always COMMUNICATE, DEFEND, & GUIDE Her Clients to Make their BEST Decision! | 919-414-0337 |

The Benefits of a Buyer’s Agent Services & Duties Provided Selling Agent Buyer’s Agent Arrange Property Showings X X Assist with Financing X X Provide Property Data X X Explain Forms & Agreements X X Monitor Closings X X Prepare a Property Value Study X X Provide Access to the Entire Market (listed & unlisted) Promote & Protect Buyer’s Interest; Advise Buyer Negotiate the Best Price & Terms for Buyer Point Out Reasons Not to Buy Assist in the Offer with Buyers Best Interest in Mind Keep Buyer’s Bargaining Position Confidential Research Property for Liens & Original Purchase Price Provide Anonymity, if Desired Put the Buyer’s Interest First During Entire Process X X X X X X X X X | 919-414-0337 |

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