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Purchasing A Home

Your guide to purchasing a home with Masha Halpern - Boutique Real Estate with Keller Williams United. Serving Chapel Hill & Durham, NC and surrounding areas.

Steps For Buyers

Steps For Buyers | 919-414-0337 |

Financing Your Home Financing Your First Home The Do’s & Don’t’s for getting approved for a Home Mortgage! ** PS- It’s a good idea to start on this list before starting your home search! DO - Continue paying down credit card debt and other bills. Get Pre-Qualified to learn how much mortgage you can afford. Start saving for your down payment and closing costs if you have not begun this. Keep all accounts current,including mortgage,car loans, and credit cards. Contact both your lender & Masha anytime a question comes up BEFORE you act on it! Make all payments on or before due dates even if your loan is being paid off with your new loan. Have any lender required funds to your lender’s office within 72 hours after your home inspection so that they can order your appraisal and keep the loan process moving on time. Return any phone calls or emails from your lender, Masha, closing attorney, or anyone else involved in your purchase within 3 hours to avoid delays in closing. Call Masha, your lender, your closing attorney if you have a question about something that is not on this list. DO NOT - Do not change or quit your job. If this happens, notify your lender immediately. Allow anyone to make an inquiry on your credit report except your lender. Change bank accounts or transfer money within your existing account. Charge abnormal amounts to your credit cards. Open new credit cards. Co-sign for anything Purchase or attempt to purchase anything else on credit like a new or another vehicle,truck, boat, furniture,jewelry, or other real estate. Apply for credit anywhere except with your lender. This can REALLY damage your credit score and lower your rating. Send in late payments or incur late fees or miss payments on ANYTHING. | 919-414-0337 |

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