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Clara Vasquez CEO &

Clara Vasquez CEO & Founder Clara Vasquez, director and founder of Derma Swiss, came up with the concept of having a skincare line which promotes healthy skin while embodying Swiss quality in all products. Her knowledge and dedication combined with her degrees in Marketing and Business Administration, has maintained her at the forefront of the beauty and skincare industry. Today, Vasquez continues to lead the research group for the development of new products at DermaSwiss. The clear vision of the business, uniqueness, and innovation Vasquez brings to this company--supported by a team of professionals in the fields of research, chemistry, and technology--have been the key to develop excellent and trendy skin care Swiss formulations. Standing by her achievements, Clara Vasquez surpasses the demands of her clients always with the goal of maintaining DermaSwiss as a synonym for innovation and quality.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY DERMASWISS is an exclusive, renowned brand of skincare products with over 25 years in the industry. Our passion for skincare has led us to develop an elite product line containing the highest quality ingredients to effectively treat skin, keeping it flawless and slowing its aging process. We remain at the forefront of the market due to the purity and high concentration of active ingredients in our formulations, along with the use of the latest cutting edge technology developed by Swiss laboratories with over 60 years of experience. Our products are completely Paraben free and are not tested on animals. We are constantly innovating, with the goal of maintaining our formulas above the competition with the newest and the most advanced technologies in the industry. Throughout product development, we utilize high quality biological, botanical and marine ingredients; leading to our effectively versatile formulations. We offer several lines that were developed taking into account a comprehensive aesthetic protocol which includes: hygiene, maintenance, correction and protection of the skin; obtaining as a final result a noticeably positive overall change. HYGIENIC LINE / MAINTENANCE LINE / CORRECTIVE LINE / CONTROL LINE SENSITIVE SKIN LINE / CHEMICAL PEELS LINE / PROFESSIONAL MASKS ESSENTIAL OILS / BODY LINE

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