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Westies Welcome Pack 2018

Ian Sandbrook, Director

Ian Sandbrook, Director of Participation at Cricket Scotland, said: “We believe All Stars Cricket could be a game-changer for the sport in Scotland.” “We think the programme will provide children and their parents with an outstanding first step into the sport and help create a generation of youngsters with a lifelong love of the game.” After All Stars there is Kwik Cricket? ‘Kwik cricket is a great way to introduce kids to this great game, improve their skills and keep them fit and healthy.’ – Stuart Broad – England Fast Bowler What is Kwik Cricket? Kwik Cricket is a simple game for all boys and girls from 8 years of age upwards with the emphasis still on participation and enjoyment. There are many variations of the game but in essence the ball is bowled and the batter tries to hit the ball and score runs. The team scoring the most runs wins. There is more to the game than can be explained here but if you ask any of the coaches or players I am sure they will be happy to explain fully!! The Kit Kwik Cricket equipment is made from high quality moulded plastic. It is light enough for small hands yet extremely tough and hard wearing. It has been designed as an alternative to traditional equipment to allow the game to be played safely on any flat surface either indoors or outdoors at any time of the year. We also use Cricket Factory equipment to keep the practices and drills different and fun! Kwik Cricket Skill Awards The Kwik Cricket Skill Awards Scheme is in 3 parts, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Awards test children’s catching, throwing, bowling and striking skills in a simple and easy to organise way.

Junior 1 A format that looks to further develop the cricket skills of kids that are playing their 1 st or 2 nd year of junior cricket. The emphasis here is on continuous and active participation, where all players get to bat, bowl and field. Junior 1 moves onto using an Incrediball (slightly harder but still soft with a seam) and also gloves and pads. Emphasis is till on fun, building better skills with everyone taking part. Game Type T20 Players 8 Pitch 16m (18 yards) Turf or artificial surface can be used. We recommend artificial surfaces for junior cricket Time 120mins (2 hours) Boundary Size 35m Overs 20 overs per team (120 balls) Batting T20 Pairs Cricket Each batting pair will bat for 5 overs. No dismissals (batters swap ends) Bowling team receive `4 runs` to their team total for every wicket they take (no deducting runs from the batting team) Bowling Fielding Dismissals W/C June 25 th : National Pilot across all Junior Leagues Retirement 17 balls Retired batters can return when all others have batted, in the order they retired Wides and no balls that are not scored from do not count towards ball faced All players to bowl All bowling takes place from one end only Min 2 overs and max 3 overs per player Max 8 balls per over No fielders within 10m with exception of regulation (off side) slips, gully and wicket keeper Wicketkeeper to change once during each innings All forms of dismissal apart from LBW

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