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3. My Funeral Plans

3. My Funeral

My Funeral Plans NEXT OF KIN When I pass, my next of kin contact who I have discussed my arrangements with is to be contacted. This person is: Name: Phone: Address: Mobile: I Wish to be: Cremated Buried CREMATION: If you are thinking of cremation, what would you like done with your ashes? (If you or the family would like, the Funeral Home can hold a scattering ceremony on your behalf and take care of scattering your remains to rest in a location secure, guarded and secure, or of your choosing)… Cemetery Scattering Plot Burial / Vault Interment Funeral Home’s choice Returned to Family Other Other: BURIAL: If you are thinking of Burial, where would be a place you wish to be laid to rest? (If you would like to be buried locally within a Council Cemetery, please ensure that you have discussed the plot details with your Next of Kin for burial rights and ownership)… Council Cemetery Urupa/Wahi Tapu Repatriated overseas Other Other: Plot Owned: YES NO Re-open: YES NO Cemetery: Plot Area: Section: Plot #: Who is the Current Plot/Burial Rights Holder: Have you considered signing this over to your Next of Kin? This allows them to act on your behalf and sign for the plot when the time comes… YES NO I wish to Lay in State at the following Address (This could also be the Funeral Home if you wish): Place of my Funeral Service (Funeral Home, Church, Chapel, Crematorium, Home, Marae) My Religion/Faith is: Type of Casket: Flowers: Minister/Clergy/Celebrant:

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