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Peridot Workbook

warm red Red is best as

warm red Red is best as an accent because of its high energy. It can be classy, minimal, drastic, dangerous, and glamorous. orange Orange is often an energetic color of fall, with beautiful muted shades. It can symbolize energy with friendliness. yellow This is the brightest of the warm colors, full of life and cheerfulness. However, it can feel blinding if it is overdone. cool green Green almost always signifies growth, calm, and renewal. Green is balancing because it still is energetic, like yellow. blue Blue is traditional, trustworthy, and the coolest of all the cool colors. Blue can vary greatly depending on its undertones. purple Besides the obvious connection to royalty, purple can vary from romantic shades to a more traditional tone. selected neutrals black Black has two sides: powerful elegance and dark mystery. When used appropriately it is one of the most universally flattering colors. white White is a very pure color, but can also seem devoid of feeling. It works well paired intentionally with accent colors. STYLE JOURNAL 18


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